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Dont Bite the Apple til you check for Worms - a survival guide to love sex and singlenessAbraham, Ken$5
Big Differences - How to deal with Youth of Various AgesAdair, Sharon$4
Whod Be A MumAhrens, Hanna$5
Echoes of MercyAlcorn, Nancy$6–$9
Mercy Moves Mountains - heart gripping stories of Gods extraordinary mercy and grace to troubled girlsAlcorn, Nancy$9
Women Under StressAlcorn, Randy & Nancy$9
After Gods HeartAlexander, Myrna$7
31 Biblical Devotions into the Heart of ChristAmbrose, Dave$9
Stomping Out the DarknessAnderson, Neil T & Dave Park$7
Leading Teens to Freedom in ChristAnderson, Neil T & Rich Miller$7
Spiritual Protection for Your ChildrenAnderson & P & S Vander Hook, N$8
A Mothers TouchArndt, Elise$6
Endangered - Your child in a hostile worldArnold, Johann Christoph$7
Wildmen Warriors and KingsArnold, Patrick M$12
New Baby StressArp, Dave & Claudia$6
Every Womans Desire - Every mans guide to winning the heart of a womanArterburn, Stephen$8
Parents Guide to the Top 10 Dangers Teens FaceArterburn, Stephen$6
Steering Them StraightArterburn, Stephen and David A Stoop$8–$9
Every Young Mans Battle - Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual TemptationArterburn & Fred Stoeker, Stephen$7
Drug Proof Your KidsArterburn & Jim Burns, Stephen$7
Parents Guide to Top 10 Dangers Teens FaceArterburn & Jim Burns, Stephen$7
Every Young Man Gods Man - Live life the way Jesus did, to the extremeArterburn & Luck, $8
Balancing Act - Pressures Women FaceAshcroft, Mary Ellen$7
Tempations Women FaceAshcroft, Mary Ellen$9
Temptations Women FaceAshcroft, Mary Ellen$6–$7
Men at the CrossroadsBalswick, Jack$7–$8
Raging Hormones - What to do when you suspect your teen may be sexually activeBalswick, Jack and Judith$8
The Book of Family FunBarbour Publishing, $6
500+ Time Saving Hints for Every WomanBarnes, Emilie$7
Survival for Busy WomenBarnes, Emilie$7
Let Me Tell You What Your Teens are Telling MeBartel, Blaine$6
Little Black Book for GraduatesBartel, Blaine$4
Act Like MenBartlett, Ross W$8–$9
Our Journey Home - What Parents are Doing to Preserve Family ValuesBauer, Gary L$8
A Family Love Story - Between Parent & TeenagerBeardsley, Lou$6
Girls - Helping Your Little Girl Become an Extraordinary WomanBeausay, William$6
The Real Man Inside- FBecker, Verne$7
Yes to Sex - Just Not Yet - a practical guide to sexual integrity for young adultsBeckworth, Sam$8
Reaching Out to Lonely KidsBell, Valerie$7
Accountability Among MenBeltz, Bob$3