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Title Author Price
Fruit for TomorrowArnold, Francena$5
The Light in My WindowArnold, Francena$5
Not My Will- FIArnold, Francena H$6
The Deepening StreamArnold, Francena H$5
The Road Winds OnArnold, Francena H$5
Then Am I StrongArnold, Francena H$5–$7
Then I am StrongArnold, Francena H$6
Three shall be OneArnold, Francena H$4
Gods RadarArrick, Fran$6
With an Everlasting LoveArthur, Kay$6–$7
Jordans CrossingArthur, Randall$8
Wisdom HunterArthur, Randall$9
Anna LeeArthur, T S$2
Salvation - a NovelAsch, Sholem$8
EmmaAusten, Jane$7
UnluckyAustin, Caroline$8
Return To Me - The Restoration Chronicles # 1Austin, Lynn$9
Diary of a Loving HeartBacher, June Masters$5
Gently Love BeckonsBacher, June Masters$7
Loves Silent SongBacher, June Masters$5–$6
The Journey West - Love is a Gentle Stranger - 3 novelsBacher, June Masters$9
Adrienne (Baer)Baer, Judy$6
Be My Neat-HeartBaer, Judy$6
Jennys StoryBaer, Judy$9
Pilgrims of Promise - The Journey of Souls SeriesBaker, C D$9
Quest of Hope - Journey of Souls SeriesBaker, C D$7
Lease of LifeBaker, Frank$7
The Called and the Chosen- FIBaldwin, Monica$5–$6
A Love Meant to BeBancroft, Brenda$4
Indy Girl - HeartsongBancroft, Brenda$4
The Great AssumptionBanfield, R B$7–$8
Sarah and AfterBanks, Lynne Reid$5
Inspirational romance Reader - Contemporary Collection N0.1Barbour Publishing, $6
Inspirational Romance Reader - contemporay Collection No. 2Barbour Publishing, $5
The 12 Brides of Christmas CollectionBarbour Publishing, $8
The Following of the StarBarclay, Florence L$8
The Left Hand of God (Barrett)Barrett, William E$6
The Lilies of the FieldBarrett, William E$6
The Return of the Fathers- A Prophetic NovelBartlett, Ross$8
Claire Knows BestBateman, Tracey$7