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Title Author Price
Desert WaterParker, Gary E$7
The Proposal - The English Garden Series #1Wick, Lori$6
The Breaking of Ezra RileyMoore , John L$7
The Visitor - The English Garden Series #3Wick, Lori$7–$8
Return to HarmonyOke, Janette & T Davis Bunn$7–$8
The love LettersLewis, Beverly$9
The Atonement ChildRivers, Francine$9
The Mercy - The Rose Trilogy #3Lewis, Beverly$8
A Place Called WiregrassMorris, Michael$7–$8
Crying Wind - FICrying Wind, $5
Reclaiming NickWarren, Susan$8
A Heart for Home - Home to Blessing # 3Snelling, Lauraine$8
No Distance too Far - Home to Blessing # 2Snelling, Lauraine$7
The Measure of Mercy - Home to blessing #1Snelling, Lauraine$8
The Shunning - The Heritage of Lancaster County #1Lewis, Beverly$8
The Fisherman - a novelHuntsperger, Larry$8
The Prodigal - Abrams daughters #4Lewis, Beverly$8
Kings Crossroads - A Parable of the CrossPhillips, Michael$7
Dark StormRichards, Kel$8
The Ultimate Life - a novelStovall, Jim$8
The Solitary Envoy - Heirs of Acadia #1Bunn, T Davis & Isabella$8
Noah - by faithWillems, Nicholas$9
Secrets (Gunn)Gunn, Robin Jones$6–$7
Piercing The DarknessPeretti, Frank$7
The OathPeretti, Frank$8–$10
The Keys of the Kingdom- FICronin, A J$6
Here Burns My CandleHiggs, Liz Curtis$8
Her Daughters DreamRivers, Francine$10
A Pioneer Christmas Collection - 9 StoriesSnelling & Others, Lauraine$7
the makers d, $0
The Shack - Where Tragedy Confronts EternityYoung, William P$9
Soul Harvest - the world takes sides - left behind #4LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$7–$8
Armageddon - the Battle of the Ages - left behind #11LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$8
Glorious Appearing - The End of Days - Left Behind #12LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$8
The Sacrifice (Whitlow)Whitlow, Robert$7
Leotas GardenRivers, Francine$8
The Shoe Box - a Christmas StoryRivers, Francine$7
The Scarlet ThreadRivers, Francine$5–$6
The Last Sin EaterRivers, Francine$8
And the Shofar BlewRivers, Francine$9