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Title Author Price
Pilgrims ProgressBunyan, John$7
The Sword of Truth - The Wakefield Dynasty #1Morris, Gilbert$7
The Winds of God - The Wakefield Dynasty # 2Morris, Gilbert$7
A Light in Zion - The Zion Chronicles Book FourThoene, Bodie$6
The Crimson Tapestry - Twilight of the Gods #1Joens, Michael R$8
In My Fathers House - The Shiloh Legacy #1Thoene, Bodie$8
Millenniums EveStewart, Ed$8
This Present DarknessPeretti, Frank$7
Piercing The DarknessPeretti, Frank$7
Desecration - Antichrist takes the Throne - left behind #9LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$9–$10
Glorious Appearing - The End of Days - Left Behind #12LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$8–$9
Armageddon - the Battle of the Ages - left behind #11LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$8–$9
Tribulation Force - the continuing drama of those left behind #2LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$8
Nicolae - the Rise of Antichrist - Left Behind #3LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$8
The Mark - the Beast rules the World - left behind #8LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$8
Left Behind - a novel of the earths last days #1LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$8
Apollyon - the destroyer is unleashed - left behind #5LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$8–$10
Soul Harvest - the world takes sides - left behind #4LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$7–$8
Wings of a DreamMateer, Anne$8
The Harbinger - The Ancient Mystery that holds the Secret of Americas FutureCahn, Jonathan$9
The Ladys ConfessionMacDonald, George$7
The Shepherds CastleMacDonald, George$7
Rachels Prayer - Country Road Chronicles #2Kelly, Leisha$8
The Clear Light of DayWilcock, Penelope$8
The Latest Mrs FurstMiller, Susan Martins$8
Directed VerdictSinger, Randy$8
The Hunted (Dellosso)Dellosso, Mike$8
Vanished - A NovelMackel, Kathryn$8
When Tomorrow ComesOke, Janette$7
Return to HarmonyOke, Janette & T Davis Bunn$7–$8
Too Long a StrangerOke, Janette$6–$8
The Amish FirefighterHilton, Laura V$8
Beyond the Gathering StormOke, Janette$8
Paul A NovelWangerin, Walter$8
Jakes ChoiceBritts, Jim & Rachel$7–$8
Beyond the millenniumMeier, Paul & Robert Wise$7
RubiconKopf, Gail Black$7
And the Shofar BlewRivers, Francine$8–$9
The Last Sin EaterRivers, Francine$9
Desert WaterParker, Gary E$7