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Title Author Price
Healing Prayer and Medical CareAbildness, Abby H$8
The Authority of the Believer and HealingAhn, Che$7
Mercy for Eating DisordersAlcorn, Nancy$8
Gods Guarantee To Heal YouAllen, A A$5
The Touch of the Masters HandAllen, Charles L$6
The Biblical Guide to Alternative MedicineAnderson, Neil T$8
Can You Trust Your Doctor - The Complete guide to New Age Medicine and Its Threat to Your FamilyAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$7–$9
The Facts on Holistic Health and the New MedicineAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
Love That HealsArbuthnot, Andy and Audrey$7
A Little Book of Healing PrayerAshwin, Angela$6–$8
Can God Help M EBabbs, Elizabeth$9
Salvation and WholenessBaker, John P$5
Healing RevolutionBanks, Melvin$6
Healing SecretsBanks, Melvin$5–$6
Its Time to Receive Your Miracle NowBanks, Melvin$7
Healthy Eating - The Busy Womans GuideBarnes & S Gregg, E$9
A Reason for Hope - Gaining Strength for your Fight Against CancerBarry, Michael S$8
Use and Misuse - A Christian Perspective on Drugs (H)Batchelor, Ollie$9
Trinity of Man - the three dimensions of healing and wholenessBennett, Dennis and Rita$6–$7
In His Healing StepsBennett, George$6–$7
Miracle at Crowhurst- HBennett, George$7
The Heart of HealingBennett, George$7–$8
What About Us Who are Not HealedBenson, Carmen$7
The Heart of a Healthy Body - helping people find healing and wholeness through the body of ChristBeuoy, Herbert$8
The Bible and the BodyBingham, Roland V$6
Authority to HealBlue, Ken$6–$7
Faith Healing and the Christian FaithBoggs, Wade H$6
Fit Over 50Bosse-Smith, Lorraine$9
8 Biblical Ways to Receive HealingBrant, Roxanne$8
A Solemn Joy - a journey of faith through the experience of cancerBrown, Elaine$7
His Healing TouchBuckley, Michael$7
Nothing to Fear - The Key to Cancer SurvivalBurkett, Larry$7
Give Us This Day - Facing Cancer With FaithCastle, Fiona$6
Book of the Family - Healing and Salvation for you and your FamilyCastro, Regis & Maisa$7
Free to Be Slim - A Christian Approach to Losing WeightChapian, Marie$8
Free to be ThinChapian, Marie$7
Gods Pathway to Healing - MenopauseCherry, Reginald$4
Healing Prayer (Cherry)Cherry, Reginald$9
The Bible Cure - A Renowned Physician Uncovers the Bibles Hidden Health SecretsCherry, Reginald$6–$8
My Body Gods TempleChristiano, Joseph$8