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Title Author Price
My Body Gods TempleChristiano, Joseph$8
Look at Me Please Look at MeClark, Dorothy & Jane Dahl & Lois Gonzenbach$5
How to Find Health through Prayer- HClark, Glenn$6–$7
Alternative Medicine - helpful or harmfulCoker, Robina$8
Get Fit and LiveColbert, Don$8
The Bible cure for AllegiesColbert, Don$5–$6
The Bible Cure for ArthritisColbert, Don$4–$5
The Bible Cure for AsthmaColbert, Don$4
The Bible Cure for Autoimmune DiseasesColbert, Don$5
The Bible Cure for Candida and Yeast InfectionsColbert, Don$4–$5
The Bible Cure For Colds Flu and Sinus InfectionsColbert, Don$4
The Bible Cure for DiabetesColbert, Don$4–$6
The Bible Cure for Heartburn and IndigestionColbert, Don$4–$5
The Bible Cure for High Blood PressureColbert, Don$5
The Bible Cure for OsteoporosisColbert, Don$4–$6
The Bible Cure for PMS and Mood SwingsColbert, Don$5–$6
The Bible Cure For Weight Loss & Muscle GainColbert, Don$5
What Would Jesus Eat?Colbert, Don$10
What You Dont Know May Be Killing YouColbert, Don$7–$8
The Anointing Breaks the YokeColeman, Pearl$6
Not Without CureConner, Clint$7
Murder on the Fat Express - a 5 part plan to get rid of those extra poundsCook, Shirley$6
Antioxidant RevolutionCooper, Kenneth H$9
Faith Based FitnessCooper, Kenneth H$9
Its Better to BelieveCooper, Kenneth H$9
Martys Top 10 - diet & Fitness StrategiesCopeland, Marty$8
Prayers & Ideas for Healing ServicesCowie, Ian$9
Theres More to Being Slim than Being SlimCoyle, Neva and Marie Chapian$7
Super Health - 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong VitalityCraichy, K C$9
Gods Covering - a Place of HealingCross, David$8
Healing the Masculine SoulDalbey, Gordon$7
Some of the Ways of God in HealingDawson, Joy$7
Aids and You - HDixon, Patrick$9
The Gift of HealthDominguez, Richard$6–$8
52 Ways to Lose WeightDreizler & M E Ehemann, C$8
The Adventure of Spiritual HealingDrury, Michael$8
Heal the SickEast, Reginald$5
Beyond Breast Cancer - Our stories of Hope and CourageEllis, Alda$7
Healing At The WellEndicott, Mike$7
The Passion to HealEndicott, Mike$6