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Title Author Price
The Love Hunger Action Plan - weight loss and maintenanceSneed, Sharon$9
The HealingStargel, Gloria Cassity$5
Healing and the Disciples of Jesus Today - HStevens, Selwyn$7
Sent to HealTaylor, Harold$18
Healing as a Parish MinistryThomas & J Alkire, L$8
The Bible Book of Medical WisdomThomsen, Russel J$6
The Healing Power of Prayer - The surprising connection between prayer and your healthTolson, Chester L$8
Divine Healing (Torrey)Torrey, R A$4–$6
A Question of Healing - The reflections of a Doctor and a PriestTuckwell, Gareth & David Flagg$7–$9
Receive Your HealingUrquhart, Colin$8
Saints For Healing - Leaders ManualVaughan, Roger$5–$6
How to have a Healing MinistryWagner, C Peter$8
Women Healing Healing WomenWainwright, Elaine$20
What is Wrong with Christian HealingWatt (editor), James$8
A Heart for HealingWerner, Donald K$6
Healing AdventureWhite, Anne S$6–$7
Learning About MeningitisWilson, Jenny$6
Go Preach the Kingdom Heal the SickWilson, Jim$5
Healing through the Power of ChristWilson, Jim$5
Study Guide to Power HealingWimber & K Springer, J$4
Healing VentureWinckley, Edward$5
The Greatest HealerWinckley, Edward$5
The Practice of Healing EvangelismWinckley, Edward$5
Jesus Set Me Free- HWinder, Delores$4–$6
The Quest for HealingWinn, Godfrey$6
Wilt Thou be Made WholeWomble, Rufus J$6
Healing Through FaithWoodard, Christopher$6
Healing Words An Anthology for the Sick and Those in DistressWoodard, Christopher$6
Spiritual TherapyYoung, Richard K$5