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None of These DiseasesMcMillen, S I$5–$6
Alternative Medicine the Christian HandbookO'Mathuna & W Larimore, D$10
The Makers Diet - The 40 day health experience that will change your life foreverRubin, Jordan$8
The Forgotten Factor in HealingToth, Peter$7
Some of the Ways of God in HealingDawson, Joy$7
Gods Covering - a Place of HealingCross, David$8
Healing Through the Centuries - Models for UnderstandingKydd, Ronald A N$10
Miraculous HealingFrost, Henry W$5–$8
Give Me 40 Days for HealingBowers, Freeda$9
More Understanding Alternative MedicineLivesey, Roy$6
Divine Healing (Torrey)Torrey, R A$4–$6
The Prayer that Heals - praying for healing in the familyMacNutt, Francis$5
Better Body ManagementOmartian, Stormie$5–$7
The Kingdom and the Power - Are Healing and the Spiritual Gifts used by Jesus and the Early church meant for the Church Today ?Greig, Gary S & Kevin N Springer$7–$8
Divine Healing in the ScripturesFoot, David R P$5
Bodily Healing and the AtonementMcCrossan, T J$6
The Forgotten Talent - Gods Ministry of HealingPeddie, J Cameron$7
The Spirit Who Heals - 46 remarkable healing storiesLawrence, Peter H$9
Get Fit and LiveColbert, Don$8
Go Preach the Kingdom Heal the SickWilson, Jim$5
HealingMacNutt, Francis$6
Heal the Sick - Through the Power of Jesus ChristGramenz, Stuart$7
What You Dont Know May Be Killing YouColbert, Don$7–$8
A Reason for Hope - Gaining Strength for your Fight Against CancerBarry, Michael S$8
Gods Guarantee To Heal YouAllen, A A$5
Mercy for Eating DisordersAlcorn, Nancy$8
How to Live in Health and WholenessHouston, Brian$6
Healing - Sign of the KingdomErvin, Howard M$13
Jesus Set Me Free- HWinder, Delores$4–$6
The Power to HealMacNutt, Francis$6
Risen with Healing in His WingsScothern, Peter$4
Midlife Meltdown - Spot it Prevent it Overcome ItMaccaro, Janet$7
Practical HealingWimber, John$4
Your Healing is Within YouGlennon, Jim$5
Beyond Breast Cancer - Our stories of Hope and CourageEllis, Alda$7
Healing and Wholeness (Parkhurst)Parkhurst, Genevieve$6
My Body Gods TempleChristiano, Joseph$8
The Christians Guide to Natural Products & RemediesMinirth, Frank$12
Faith and HealthHagen, Dr Kristofer$4
The Bible Cure - A Renowned Physician Uncovers the Bibles Hidden Health SecretsCherry, Reginald$6–$8