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Title Author Price
Photo-Guide to the Old TestamentAlexander, David$8
The Natural History of the Land of the BibleAlon, Azaria$12
Israel (Alpert)Alpert, Carl$8
Chosen - Communicating with Jews of all faithsAmber, Lee$6
All Eyes on IsraelAnderson, Roy Allan$7
The Mountains of Israel - The Bible & the West BankArchbold, Norma$8
Two Boys of JerusalemAshabranner, Brent$8
Through the Eyes of the Victims - Arab Israeli ConflictAwad, Alex$8
In That Day - An Exposition of the Final Destiny of Israel according to ZechariahAyre, James$8
Israel Amongst the Nations - An Outline of Old Testament HistoryBaynes, Norman H$9
Bound for the Promised Land - The story of the first American Messianic Jewish couple to make aliyah to IsraelBenhayim, Haya$7
Jesus and IsraelBenson, Carmen$6
Travel Diary of the Holy LandBimson, John$6
Unified in Hope - Arabs and Jews Talk About PeaceBirkland, Carol J$8
Modern Varieties of JudaismBlau, Joseph L$8
The Star of David ( Brasch )Brasch, R$6
Why Pray for IsraelBurnett, Ken$7
Why Pray for Israel (J)Burnett, Ken$6
Churches of the Holy LandBushell, Gerard$10
Israel and the New CovenantCampell, Roderick$20
O Christian O JewCarlson, Paul R$6
Israel BetrayedChamish, Barry$7
Whose Promised LandChapman, Colin$8–$9
The Bible in Focus - A pictorial of prophecies, people and places (J)Clack, Clem$9
The Promised Land - The Saga of Gods Chosen People From Abraham to DavidClancy, Matthew E$8
Palestine The Land of My Adoption (Jewish)Clapham, J W$6
The Two Jerusalems in ProphecyClifford, David$9
Justice Jesus and the Jews - A Proposal for Jewish - Christian RelationsCook, Michael L$8
The Jews and PalestineCottrell, Roy Franklin$5
Rural Thoughts in the Holy LandCurd, Thomas$10
Israel and the Nations in Prophecy (De Haan)De Haan, Richard W$5–$8
Judaism ( de Lange )de Lange, Nicholas$6
Calvary and the Holy SepulchreDe Sandoli, Sabino$5
View the Land - Israel TodayDexter, Anne$5
Israel - Land of Gods PromiseDixon, Murray$8
The Rebirth and Restoration of IsraelDixon, Murray$6–$7
I Am My BelovedsDorflinger, Esther Eileen$10
Palestine UnveiledDuff, Dougas V$13
The New Christian Travelers Guide to the Holy LandDyer, C H & G A Hatteberg$8
The Night Sky of the LordEcclestone, Alan$8