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Title Author Price
Kabbalah - The Way of the Jewish MysticEpstein, Perle$9
Gods Presence in History - Jewish Affirmations and Philosophical ReflectionsFackenheim, Emil L$7
Your People Shall Be My People - How Israel, The Jews and the Christian Church will come together in the last daysFinto, Don$8
Meet Me at the Olive Tree - Stories of Jews and Arabs reconciled to the MessiahFisher, Julia$7
The Glory of Jerusalem - An Explorers GuideGafni, Shlomo$8
The Glory of the Holy Land - An Explorers GuideGafni, Shlomo$9
The Religion of IsraelGelin, Albert$7
An Unpromised LandGettler, Leon$12
Why IsraelGlashouwer, Willem J J$8
Why Israel ? New BeginningsGlashouwer, Willem J J$7
American JudaismGlazer, Nathan$7
The Post Captivity Names of IsraelGoard, W Pascoe$10
Our Jewish Friends (J)Goldberg, Louis$7–$9
The Living TalmudGoldin, Judah$6
In the Steps of Moses the LawgiverGolding, Louis$8
Praying For Israels Destiny - Effective Intercession for Gods Purposes in the Middle EastGoll, James W$8
In Defense of Israel (Hagee)Hagee, John$8
Is the Holy Land HolyHamada, Louis Bahjat$10
The Holy Land Myths and LegendsHanauer, J E$9
The Road to Bethlehem - two thousand Years LaterHarpur, Tom$7
The Liberated Palestinian - the Anis Shorrosh StoryHefley, James & Marti$8
More Jewish Culture & CustomsHerzig, Steve$8
Messiahs Shalom in Jewish LivesHickman, Joy$6
Bar Barakah - a parents guide to a Christian Bar MitzvahHll, Craig$4–$7
Jerusalem the GoldenHollis, Gertrude$8
The Marks of IsraelHoughton, Henry D$5
Travels in the Holy LandHughes, Richard$6–$7
The Restoration of IsraelHulse, Erroll$5
Martys Walking Tours in Biblical JerusalemIsaacs, Marty$7
The Glory of BethlehemJames, Diana$7
Little Sanctuaries - JJerusalem Center for Biblical Studies and Research, $5–$7
No Strange God - an outline of Jewish Life and FaithJessup, Gordon$5–$7
Civilizations of the Holy LandJohnson, Paul$9
The Holy Land A Pilgrims Handbook of Practical InformationJohnston , William J$7
The Rebirth of the State of IsraelKac, Arthur W$8
Hated without a CauseKeith, Graham$12
The Holy Land (Kelman)Kelman, John$10
The Uniqueness of IsraelLambert, Lance$5
How Did a Fat Balding Middle-Aged Jew Like You Become a Jesus FreakLevitt, Zola$4
Exodus II - Let My People GoLightle, Steve$7