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Title Author Price
Jews For JesusRosen, Moishe$7
Share the New Life with a JewRosen, Moishe and Ceil$6
To Understand JewsRosenberg, Stuart E$6
Looking at IsraelRutland, Jonathan$4
Jesus and PassoverSaldarini, Anthony J$6
The Remarkable JewSale-Harrison, L$8
The Holy Lan (Sanders)Sanders, E M$5
Moments of Crisis in Jewish - Christian RelationsSaperstein, Marc$8
The Story of the Jews - finding the Words 1000BCE - 1492CESchama, Simon$9
Operation ExodusScheller, Gustav$8–$9
Operation Exodus - Prophecy being fulfilledScheller, Gustav$8
Where is the Body - Discovering the Church in the Heart of IsraelSchlatter, Victor$7
The Holy Land TodaySchlink, M Basilea$9
Palestine and the BibleSchor, Samuel$7
Where Jesus CameShort, Wilsie G$7
A Slow Train Coming - Gods redemptive plan for Israel and the ChurchSilver, David$7
Jewish Prayer and WorshipSimpson, William$6–$7
Israeli Arab ConflictSmith, Wilbur M$6
The Jews from Cyrus to HerodSnaith, Norman H$6
Judaism - A Very Short IntroductionSolomon, Norman$7
Israel Nation of DestinyStanton, Don E$5–$6
The Choice (Stern)Stern, Daniel$8
PatmosStone, Tom$6
No Mans Land - the Dilemma of a Jewish Christian IdentityStuart, Gert Cohen$4
Jerusalem - Century TravellersThubron, Colin$6
Prophescope on IsraelTow, Timothy$8
Gods Tsunami - Understanding Israel and End time ProphecyTsukahira, Peter$9
Jerusalem - Song of SongsUris, Jill and Leon$9
Exodus RevistedUris, Leon$6
Challenging the Wall - Toward a pedagogy of hopeVan Teeffelen, Toine$7
Jacobs Dozen - A Prophetic look at the Tribes of IsraelVarner, William$7
The Coming Miracle - God and the JewsWesterdale, T L B$9
Gods Plan for the JewWilkinson, John$6
Israel My Glory or Israels Mission and Missions to IsraelWilkinson, John$12
Israel TodayWolff, Richard$7
This Is My GodWouk, Herman$5
I Am the God of IsraelZant, Curt$9
New Zeal For The God of IsraelZant, Curt$8–$9
Messiah Now - Ten true stories from modern day Israel of men and women who met YeshuaZeidan, David$6