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Title Author Price
The Story of the Jews - finding the Words 1000BCE - 1492CESchama, Simon$9
Israel in ProphecyHendriksen, William$6
Israel - A biblical viewLa Sor, William Sanford$6
The Passover Meal - a ritual for christian homesHynes, Arleen$5
In The Footsteps of Paul - Experience the Journey that changed the WorldDuncan, Ken$9
Eight Days in IsraelBlaiklock, E M$7
Bar Barakah - a parents guide to a Christian Bar MitzvahHll, Craig$4–$7
Judaism - A Very Short IntroductionSolomon, Norman$7
I Am the God of IsraelZant, Curt$9
New Zeal For The God of IsraelZant, Curt$8–$9
The Talmudic anthology - Tales & Teachings of the RabbisNewman, Louis I$9
Operation Exodus - Prophecy being fulfilledScheller, Gustav$8
In the Steps of St Paul (J)Morton, H V$8
Jerusalem - Song of SongsUris, Jill and Leon$9
The Restoration of IsraelHulse, Erroll$5
The Rebirth of the State of IsraelKac, Arthur W$8
More Jewish Culture & CustomsHerzig, Steve$8
Jerusalem - Century TravellersThubron, Colin$6
In the Steps of the Master (Morton)Morton, H V$8
Israel - Land of Gods PromiseDixon, Murray$8
Where Jesus Walked (Duncan)Duncan, Ken$10
Jacobs Dozen - A Prophetic look at the Tribes of IsraelVarner, William$7
In Defense of Israel (Hagee)Hagee, John$8
Jewish Prayer and WorshipSimpson, William$6–$7
The Rebirth and Restoration of IsraelDixon, Murray$6–$7
Satan in the Sanctuary - Predictions and Preparations concerning the Third Temple in JerusalemMcCall, Thomas S$6
Gods Tsunami - Understanding Israel and End time ProphecyTsukahira, Peter$9
In the Steps of Moses the LawgiverGolding, Louis$8
The Ghost of Hagar- JOtis, George$6
Why IsraelGlashouwer, Willem J J$8
A Slow Train Coming - Gods redemptive plan for Israel and the ChurchSilver, David$7
Praying For Israels Destiny - Effective Intercession for Gods Purposes in the Middle EastGoll, James W$8
The Bible in Focus - A pictorial of prophecies, people and places (J)Clack, Clem$9
The New Christian Travelers Guide to the Holy LandDyer, C H & G A Hatteberg$8
Hated without a CauseKeith, Graham$12
Gods Presence in History - Jewish Affirmations and Philosophical ReflectionsFackenheim, Emil L$7
Israel and the Nations in Prophecy (De Haan)De Haan, Richard W$5–$8
The Uniqueness of IsraelLambert, Lance$5
Where is the Body - Discovering the Church in the Heart of IsraelSchlatter, Victor$7
Meet Me at the Olive Tree - Stories of Jews and Arabs reconciled to the MessiahFisher, Julia$7