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A Closer Walk (Chevalier)Chevalier, Wil and Jacquie$6–$7
A Closer Walk (N)Chevalier, Wil and Jacquie$7
One of Us - Single People as Part of the Church (L)Chilcraft, Steve$7
Let Me Ask You This - conversations that draw couples closerClark, Chap & Dee$8
Define The RelationshipClark, Jeramy$9
I Gave Dating A ChanceClark, Jeramy$6–$9
Hes Hot Shes Hot - What to Look for in the Opposite SexClark, Jeramy & Jerusha$9
A Marriage After Gods Own HeartClarke, David$9
Kiss Me Like You Mean It - Solomons Crazy in Love How to ManualClarke, David$8
Men Are Clams - Women are Crowbars - Understand your differences and make them workClarke, David$7
Cinderella Meets the CavemanClarke, Dr David E$7
Gods Will for Love in Marriage - cultivating marital intimacyCoblentz, John$4
Friends Helpers Lovers - the Early Years of MarriageCoffey, Ian & Ruth$6
Marriage the Early YearsCoffey, Ian & Ruth$7
One Good Year of MarriageCongo, Dr David & Janet$7
Whom Not to MarryConnor, Pat$9
Marriage Works - Seeds for growing a great marriageConstantine, Mike$7
Traits of a Lasting MarriageConway, Jim and Sally$9
You Can Be the Wife of a Happy HusbandCooper, Darien B$8
Married But Not EngagedCoughlin, Paul & Sandy$9
The UnGuide to Dating - A he said/she said on relationshipsCourtney, Camerin$7
How to Become One with Your MateCrabb, Lawrence J$4
The Marriage Builder - A Blueprint for couples and counsellorsCrabb, Lawrence J$6–$9
We Should Do This More Often - A Parents Guide to Romance, Passion, and other Prechild Activities You Vaguely RecallCraker, Lorilee$9–$10
Now Were Talking - Questions to Build Intimacy with Your SpouseCrosby, Robert and Pamela$7
Not Your Parents Marriage - Bold partnership for a new generationDaley, Jerome & Kellie$8
How to Be the Happy Wife of an Unsaved HusbandDavis, Linda$7
Intimacy Ignited: Kindling Your Love Life With The Song Of SolomonDillow, Joseph$9
Creative CounterpartDillow, Linda$7
Intimate Issues: 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About SexDillow, Linda$8–$9
Whats It Like to be Married to Me ? and other dangerous questionsDillow, Linda$8
Caring For Your Wife in Sickness and in HealthDominguez, Richard$8
Devotions for Dating Couples - Building a foundation for spiritual intimacyDr Samuel Adams, Ben Young &$7
Trapped in the Magic Mirror - Shattering Illusions about Romance and MarriageDunn, Deborah B$9
Single Adult MinistryFagerstrom, Douglas L$9
Together ApartFanstone, Michael$7–$8
Adventures in Holy MatrimonyFidler, Julie Anne$9
Creative RomanceFields, Doug$8
The Savvy Brides Answer Guide - an eye opening look at your first year of marriageFocus on the Family, $10
The Smart Grooms Answer Guide - an eye opening look at your first year of marriageFocus on the Family, $10