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Title Author Price
Dating With Integrity - honoring Christ in your relationships with the opposite sexHolzmann, John$7
The Two Sides of LoveSmalley, Gary$8
Have a New Husband by FridayLeman, Kevin$8
Love Talk: Speak Each Others Language Like You Never Have BeforeParrott, Les$8
Marriage Works - Seeds for growing a great marriageConstantine, Mike$7
Your Half of the Apple - God and the single girlAndrews, Gini$5
Empowering CouplesOlson, David H & Amy K$7–$10
What Every Man Wants in a Woman - What Every Woman Wants in a ManHagee, John & Diana$6–$8
Great Leaps in a Single BoundWitte, Kaaren$6
Talk to MeShedd, Charlie W$6
Are You Waiting For the One ? Cultivating Realistic Positive Expectations for Christian MarriagePeterson, Margaret Kim & Dwight N$8
Intimate Issues: 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About SexDillow, Linda$8–$9
Marriage - Covenant or ContractHill, Craig$5
For Better Or For Best - Understand Your ManSmalley, Gary$5
Letters to Karen On Keeping Love in MarriageShedd, Charlie W$5
His Needs Her Needs - building and affair proof marriageHarley, Willard F$7–$8
Intimacy Ignited: Kindling Your Love Life With The Song Of SolomonDillow, Joseph$9
Finding The Love Of Your LifeWarren, Neil$5–$8
Why Should I Be the First to Change (L)Missler, Nancy$6
Making Love Last ForeverSmalley, Gary$8
Real Sex - the naked truth about chastityWinner, Lauren$8
Romance Gods WayLudy, Eric and Leslie$7
The Act of Marriage - The Beauty of Sexual LoveLaHaye, Tim & Beverly$6–$7
Lonely Husbands Lonely WivesRainey, Dennis$7
Wait for Me - rediscovering the joy of purity in romanceSt James, Rebecca$6–$7
The Secret of Staying in Love- LPowell, John$5
The Language of Love - Theres more to communicating than wordsJohn Trent, Gary Smalley &$7
The Marriage Book - How to Build a Lasting Relationship (L)Lee, Nicky and Sila$8
Saving Your Marriage Before It StartsParrott, Les$8
Mentoring Marriages - Use your experience of the ups and downs of married life to support other couplesBenson, Harry$7
No Time for Sex - Finding the time you need for getting the love you wantArp, Dave & Claudia$8
Whats It Like to be Married to Me ? and other dangerous questionsDillow, Linda$8
CorduroyBrodie, Hannah$7
The Complete Guide to Marriage MentouringParrott, Les & Leslie$9
What Makes a Woman Feel Loved ? - Understanding what your wife really wantsBarnes, Emilie$8
A Blessing for the Heart - Gods beautiful plan for marital intimacySheridan, James E$8
10 Great Dates Before you say I DoArp, Dave & Claudia$7
10 Great Dates to Energize your MarriageArp, Dave & Claudia$7
I Married You - Not Your Family - and nine other relationship myths that will ruin your marriageMintle, Linda$7
Saving My First Kiss - Why im keeping confetti in my closetVelthouse, Lisa$7