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Title Author Price
anthony campolo, $0
John , $0
The Moslem Doctrine of , $0
M R DeHaan - The Life Behind the voiceAdair, James R$7
The Wit and Wisdom of Billy GrahamAdler, Bill$6
Explore The Meaning of Life - the alpha Course manualAlpha Resources, $5
Joshua Judges and Ruth - DSBAuld, A Graeme$10
A New Peoples Life of JesusBarclay, William$5–$7
A New Testament WordbookBarclay, William$7
Ambassador for ChristBarclay, William$4–$6
And He Had CompassionBarclay, William$6–$7
And He Had Compassion on Them (Barclay)Barclay, William$6
And Jesus SaidBarclay, William$6
Camp Prayers and ServicesBarclay, William$3
Crucified and CrownedBarclay, William$5
Educational Ideals in the Ancient WorldBarclay, William$10
Epilogues and Prayers- MBarclay, William$4
Ethics in a Permissive SocietyBarclay, William$4
Every Day with William Barclay- MBarclay, William$7–$8
Fishers of Men (Barclay)Barclay, William$4
Flesh and Spirit - Galatians 5Barclay, William$5
Gods Young Church- MBarclay, William$5–$7
In the Hands of GodBarclay, William$6
Introducing the BibleBarclay, William$5
Jesus as They Saw HimBarclay, William$9
Jesus of Nazareth (Barclay)Barclay, William$4–$10
Jesus of Nazareth - based on the film presented by Sir Lew Grade, directed by Franco ZeffirelliBarclay, William$9
Letters to the Seven ChurchesBarclay, William$5
Many Witnesses One LordBarclay, William$4–$5
Marching On- MBarclay, William$4–$5
Marching Orders- MBarclay, William$4–$6
More New Testament WordsBarclay, William$6
More Prayers for the Plain Man- MBarclay, William$5
More Prayers for Young People- MBarclay, William$5–$6
New Testament WordsBarclay, William$6
Prayers for the Christian Year (Barclay)Barclay, William$6–$7
Prayers for Young People - MBarclay, William$5
Seen in the PassingBarclay, William$6
Testament of Faith- MBarclay, William$4–$7
The Acts of the Apostles (DSB)Barclay, William$7–$8