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Title Author Price
The Problem of PainLewis, C. S.$5
The Hittites and the Old TestamentBruce, F F$4
The One Thing - 31 Day DevotionalPrince, Joseph$4
You Can Trust the Bible- MMacArthur, John$3
The Thirty Nine ArticlesPacker, J I$3
How to be Born Again (Graham)Graham, Billy$6–$7
Spiritual Warfare (Prince)Prince, Derek$5
The Holy Spirit in YouPrince, Derek$4
How to Fast SuccessfullyPrince, Derek$4
Gods Medicine BottlePrince, Derek$3–$4
Gods Plan for Your MoneyPrince, Derek$4
Shaping History Through Prayer & FastingPrince, Derek$5
Does Your Tongue Need HealingPrince, Derek$4
Tough Minded Faith for Tender Hearted PeopleSchuller, Robert H$10
Blessing Or Curse You Can ChoosePrince, Derek$7
The Promise of ProvisionPrince, Derek$7
The Power of Right BelievingPrince, Joseph$9
Enjoying Where You Are On The Way To Where You Are GoingMeyer, Joyce$8
Straight Talk - Overcoming emotional battles with the power of Gods WordMeyer, Joyce$9–$10
Get Your Hopes Up - Expect something good to happen to you every dayMeyer, Joyce$9
How Should We Then Live? Study Guide (M)Schaeffer, Francis A$5
Gods Grace and Gods MercySpurgeon, C H$6
Through Gates Of SplendorElliot, Elisabeth$5–$8
Baptism and Fullness - The Work of the Holy Spirit TodayStott, John R W$4–$5
The Church at the End of the Twentieth CenturySchaeffer, Francis A$6–$8
A Smile on the Face of GodPlass, Adrian$6
The Church Before the Watching WorldSchaeffer, Francis A$4
Pollution and the Death of Man - the Christian View of EcologySchaeffer, Francis A$4
Death in the CitySchaeffer, Francis$4
Studies in the Sermon on the mount ( Lloyd-Jones)Lloyd-Jones, D Martyn$14
The Contemporary ChristianStott, John$10
Mornings with Henri J M Nouwen - Readings and ReflectionsNouwen, Henri J M$7
Listening to GodHuggett, Joyce$5–$6
The Letters of James and Peter DSB Revised EditionBarclay, William$8
Practical Christianity ( Pink )Pink, Arthur W$9
Spiritual GrowthPink, Arthur W$8–$9
Spiritual Union and CommunionPink, Arthur W$9–$10
Spurgeon on SovereigntySpurgeon, Charles Haddon$7
The MacArthur New Testament Commentary - Matthew 16 - 23MacArthur, John$14
The MacArthur New Testament Commentary - Matthew 24 - 28MacArthur, John$14