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Title Author Price
The Unauthorized Version: Truth and Fiction in the Bible, $11
Art & Soul - signposts for Christians in the ArtsAdrienne Chaplin, Hilary Brand &$10
The Purpose of JesusAllen, E L$7
The Ministry of the Spirit - Selected writings of Roland AllenAllen, Roland$6
One in the Truth- MIAmess, Robert$7
The Tragic Protest - A Christian Study of Some Modern LiteratureAnderson, David$9
The Gospel and Authority a P T Forsyth ReaderAnderson, Marvin W$10
The Good Shepherd (Andrews)Andrews, C F$9
Sermon on the NativityAndrews, Lancelot$9
The Tomb of God - The Body of Jesus and the Solution to a 2000 Year Old MysteryAndrews & P Schellenberger, R$9
Mission in a Broken World - report of ACC-8 Wales 1990Anglican Consultative Council, $8
The Facts on False Teaching in the ChurchAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
The Facts on the Faith MovementAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
Tongues of Fire - an anthology of religious and poetic experienceArmstrong, Karen$9
New Neutralism II - exposing the Gray of CompromiseAshbrook, John E$6–$9
A Silence and a ShoutingAskew, Eddie$4
Breaking the RulesAskew, Eddie$5–$6
Cross Purposes - Meditations and Prayers based on meals with JesusAskew, Eddie$5
Disguises of LoveAskew, Eddie$4–$6
Facing the StormAskew, Eddie$5
Many Voices One VoiceAskew, Eddie$5
Music on the Wind - meditations and prayers based on the life of DavidAskew, Eddie$5
No Strange LandAskew, Eddie$5
Slower Than ButterfliesAskew, Eddie$6
Slower Than Butterflies - thoughts for the DayAskew, Eddie$6
Talking With HedgehogsAskew, Eddie$5
The Voice WithinAyton, Margaret$8
Preach Liberty - Selections from the Bible for ProgressivesBachmann, Steve$7
The Jesus Papers - Exposing the Greatest Cover Up in HistoryBaigent, Michael$10
The Messianic Legacy - MIBaigent, Michael & Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln$8
100 Contemporary Christian PoetsBailey, Gordon$6–$7
What is Christian Civilization?Baillie, John$6
So Great Salvation - The History and Message of the Keswick ConventionBarabas, Steven$6
Wheels Within WheelsBarker, Ernest$15
The Southern Baptist Holy WarBarnhart, Joe Edward$9
Speak Righteous StonesBarr, Robert$7
The Health and Wealth GospelBarron, Bruce$8
How to Become ArchbishopBarsley, Michael$8
The Bible - Faith and EvidenceBartlett, John R$12
Love is My Meaning - an anthology of assuranceBasset, Elizabeth$9