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GD A Legend in our Times - a brief sketch on the life of DR G D JamesAbraham & Moyes, P & Gordon$8
Doug Man & MissionaryAbrahams, Doug$5–$6
China Christian Students Face the RevolutionAdeney, David H$3
China The Churchs Long MarchAdeney, David H$5–$6
Only One WeaponAdeney, Harold$3
The Seed Must DieAhn, Yong Choon$4–$5
Jesus in BeijingAikman, David$8–$9
Against All Odds - the Story of Christian Channel EuropeAlec, Wendy$7
Two Great Pathfinders - Paton & HanningtonAllen, James T$7
The Spontaneous Expansion of the ChurchAllen, Roland$8
A Pilgrim Churchs ProrgessAllison, Oliver$8
Making All Things New - Dialogue Pluralism & Evangelization in AsiaAmaladoss, Michael$12
Pelendo- Gods Prophet in the CongoAnderson, Alpha E$5
Smoothing the Rough Edges - God in cross cultural situationsAnderson, Beryl$8–$9
Made For missionAnderson, Douglas$5–$6
Bold as a LambAnderson, Ken$6–$8
No Elephants Under Our Big TopAnderson, Ken$7
The Search of the Source - A First Encounter with Gods WordAnderson, Neil$8
Weapons of Peace - The Story of William and Johanna AndersonAnderson, Peter S$6–$8
Restless RedheadAnderson, Virginia$4–$6
In Search of the Source - A First Encounter with Gods WordAnderson & H Moore, N$8–$9
The Ethics of Smuggling- MSAndrew, Brother$4
Prepare Your ServantAndrews, S G$15
William Carey - Pioneer Missionary to IndiaAnnett, Edward A$12
Reaching For the Goal - the life story of David AdeneyArmitage, Carolyn$8–$9
More Than Skin Deep- MSArmitage, Margaret$7
From The Underside - Evangelism from a third world vantage pointArmstrong, James$5
Gods MountainAshwin, James$5–$7
A Modern Form of SlaveryAsia Watch, $7
Faces of the Unreached in Laos - southeast Asias Forgotten NationAsian Minorities Outreach, $7
The 50 Most Unreached People Groups of China and TibetAsian Minorities Outreach, $7
Ashanti Queen - A Modern Day EstherAssemblies of God Division of Foreign Missions, $6
Church in Asia Today - Opportunties & challengesAthyal, Saphir$10
Decision at Dawn - The Underground Christian Witness in Red KoreaAwe, Chulho$6–$8
Equipping for Missions - A Guide for making career decisionsBacon, Daniel W$8
Adonir Judson - Missionary to BurmaBailey, Faith Coxe$5
Adoniram Judson Americas First Foreign MissionaryBailey, Faith Coxe$7
Children of AfricaBaird, James B$15
The Life & Explorations of Frederick Stanley Arnot (Baker)Baker, Ernest$15
You Go Where - the Story of a New Zealand Family in Papua New GuineaBaker, Marcia$20