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Title Author Price
Playing , $0
Is the Gift of Tongues for Today ?20 Brethren Men, $3
Women of the Burning BushAdair, Vivienne$3–$4
Towards a Reshaped Church - a feminist look at theological education and the future of the churchAdams, Susan$4–$6
Women Culture and TheologyAdams, Susan & John Salmon$5
Fuel for the SoulAlbury Pleasant Point Presbyterian Church, $7–$8
Go Ye OutAllan, Ann$9–$15
Life Upon LifeAllan, Ann$8
Non - PersonAllely, Grant$8
12000 Miles of Gods LoveAmundson, Betty$8
Opportunity Knocks AgainAnderson, Beryl$5–$7
The Old Testament and New Zealand theologyAndrew, M E$10
Religious Studies in Dialogue - essays in honour of Albert C MooreAndrew, Maurice$18–$20
Quaint CharactersAndrews, Ernest$4
God Its Me Calling - prayers from children and young peopleAnglican Church of New Zealand, $5
Heads Hearts and Hands - The Kirk in WaihemoAngus, Janet$6
If You Care to Accept It - Revival Principles for End Time ChristiansArcher, Bryan$6
Its the Little Foxes that Spoil the VineArcher, Bryan$6
A Childrens Communion BookAtkin, Virginia$3
Good News in EvangelismAtkins, Peter$5
Linked in Prayer- NZAtkins, Rosemary$4
Family Prayers - Prayers for younger children and their parentsAtkins, Rosemary & Peter$4–$5
Empowered By the Spirit - Working in Partnership with the Holy SpiritAtkinson, Maurice$7–$8
Preaching The Man and The MessageAuld, Robert$3–$4
Centennial History of All Saints Parish NelsonAult, H F$9
Living Streams - Hymns and Other Sacred VersesAult, H F$3
The Nelson NarrativeAult, H F$14–$24
A Thought for the Day from Aunt Daisys Scrap BookAunt Daisy, $5
Aut Daisys Second Scrap BookAunt Daisy, $7
Further Thoughts for the Day from Aunt Daisys Scrap BookAunt Daisy, $5–$6
Pleasant Thoughts from Aunt Daisys Scrap BookAunt Daisy, $6
Gods OwnBaigent, Chris$8
Hello Lord Ivor Bailey SpeakingBailey, Ivor$3
Thus Saith the Lord - Studies in the authority which governs the life of the churchBaird, Rev James$3
You Go Where - the Story of a New Zealand Family in Papua New Guinea (Baker)Baker, Marcia$12
Peace - Peaceful offerings to bring you moments of calmBall , Vivienne$5
In and Out of the World - Seventh Day Adventist in New ZealandBallis (editor), Peter H$24
Be Fertile with your Infertility - Creative ways to acknowledge the infertility journey using ceremony and ritualBannan & Duggan, Christine & Winnie$8
Brenda Barnes Mongolian Mission MemoriesBarnes, Brenda$5
Credo - notes on the historic Christian beliefBarnes, L A$3