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Titles 40–80 of 1793

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Title Author Price
Credo - notes on the historic Christian beliefBarnes, L A$3
Oh How I Love Thy LawBarnes, L A$5–$6
Oh How I Love Thy Law - reflections on the life and teaching of T H SprottBarnes, L A$5
Reflections - a Selection of Christian PoetryBarr, Althea$4
Valleys of Blood - one Christians Pilgrimage Through KosovoBarraclough, Jeoff$9
Stations of the Land - Poems & ImagesBarrer & Jamieson, Jennifer & Colin G$5
Journeymen - Essays on Male SpiritualityBarrett, Robin$12
Trials of a PacifistBarrington, A C$4–$5
From Strength to Strength - twelve steps to being more fully alive and joyfulBarrow, Iris$7
You Can Communicate - a guide to confident personal and group communicationBarrow, Iris$7
Your Marriage Can WorkBarrow, Iris$6
Relax & Come AliveBarrow, Iris & Helen Place$8
J J North - the Story of a Great New ZealanderBatts, E W$6–$7
Amazing Adventure - A Jorney of FaithBawden, Patricia$8
Corn in EgyptBeaumont, H W$4
Long Time Passing - the life story of Down to Earth BeauieBeaumont, H W$10
A God Filled NobodyBeaumont, John$9
Brief history of St John Baptist church Te Waimate 1831 - 1968Bedggood, W E$6
Treated or Tricked - Alternative Health Therapies DiagnosedBediako, Badu$4–$5
Bread on the Waters - The Story of the First Seventy-Five Years of hte New Zealand Baptist Missionary SocietyBeilby, G T$7
Road to TomorrowBeilby, G T$20
GlimpsesBelding, Julie$5
Effective Church Leaders - A Faith Development CourseBell, David$20
Falling into the Centre of the UniverseBell, David$9–$12
In The Beginning - Adam and Eve and EvolutionBell, David$8
In the Beginning Adam and Eve and EvolutionBell, David$12
John Wesley Among the Scientists TodayBell, David$5
FergusBellars, William$9
Mary Plaistowe - a MemoirBellars, William$3
The Rev Thomas Miller - a Family Tribute by His SonsBellars, William$4
Hewn From The Rock A Memoir of the Very Reverend J D SalmondBelmer, Roy$5
The Cross on the Hill - PoemsBenjamin, Maryanne$4
0 800 HeavenBenn, Ken & Cheryl$6
With Heads UncoveredBennett, Enid$3–$5
White Cloud Soaring - The Story of 24-7 Prayer in AotearoaBennett, Judith$8
Spiritual and Mental Concepts of the MaoriBest, Elsdon$8
Harvest of Grace - Essays in celebration of 150 years of mission in the Anglican Diocese of NelsonBester - Editor, R$20
Wired For the SupernaturalBhana, Tak$7
Bible Reading on Philippians and AddressesBible Conference Days Bay, $4
Bible Readings on Philippians and AddressesBible Conference at Days Bay, $4