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Title Author Price
This Tremendous Lover - Meditations on the Song of SolomonDeane, John$4
The King of Love - Meditations on the 23rd PsalmDeane, John$3
Daniels Seventieth Week - Is It Still FutureYolland, H$3
The New Testament Myth or HistoryBlaiklock, E M$3
Are You Enjoying The Spirit filled Life ?Caughley, Brian$4
Finding the Forgotten God - Credible Faith for a Secular AgeHay, Ron$9
In the Gap - the George Curle StoryShaw, Grace$8
From Spirits to SpiritFrew, Tom$5
Hearts of GoldSalmond, J D$9
Many Voices in Mission - 25 Years of the Salvation Army in New Zealand Fiji and Tonga - 1983 - 2008The Salvation Army, $9
Called Again in and Beyond the Deserts of FaithJamieson, Alan$9
A Braided River of Faith - Volume 3Burgess, Nan$7
A Braided River of Faith - Volume 4Burgess, Nan$8
A Braided River of Faith - Volume 2Burgess, Nan$7
Oscar X-Ray Calling - The Story of the Scarlet Family in Papua New Guinea 1962 - 1971Scarlet, Betty$14
We Celebrating People - Life enriching rituals in the Celtic SpiritHunt, John$7
Jaws Without Teeth - Quick answers to atheist questions designed to shred the Christian faithComfort, Ray$6
Hells Best Kept SecretComfort, Ray$6
Against the Tide , Towards the KingdomDuckworth, Jenny & Justin$9
A Wonderful Scheme - the Story of The New Zealand Anglican Church Pension BoardKay , Elizabeth$10
The Defenders guide for lifes toughest questionsComfort, Ray$8
Second WarningSmith, Barry R$6
One Faith Two Peoples - Communicating across cultures within the ChurchMartin, Lloyd$8
PostscriptSmith, Barry$7
Theophany The Prayer of GarthMurray, Garth$8
Our Story Aotearoa - the story of mission in Aotearoa through the lens of the New Zealand Church Missionary SocietyNZ Church Missionary Society, $10
Letters From A Country Priest 1938 - 1949O,Connor, Teresa$8
The Parchments - A Disciples Tool box - The Gift of tongues - Manual TwoWarren, Roy W$3
The Parchments - a disciple Tool Box - the Baptism in the Holy Spirit - Manuel OneWarren , Roy W$3
Wrestling With God - The Story of My Life - NZGeering, Lloyd$8–$9
Laymans Answer - An Examination of the New TheologyBlaiklock, E M$6–$7
These Three Abidede Roo, Anne$3–$4
Hope Our Daughterde Roo, Anne$4–$5
The Return of Jesus - YuleYule, Rob$3
Signs Spells and Spooks - Christians and the OccultBryant, George$3
The Bible - Can We Trust a Book Written 2000 Years Ago ?Tripp, Dick$3
Identity - Who Am I ?Tripp, Dick$3
A Guide to Christchurch Cathedral New ZealandThe Friends of christchurch Cathedral, $7
Jesus Christ the Wisdom and Power of GodSilvester, John$3
Brenda Barnes Mongolian Mission MemoriesBarnes, Brenda$5