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Title Author Price
The Parchments - A Disciples Tool box - The Gift of tongues - Manual TwoWarren, Roy W$3
The Parchments - a disciple Tool Box - the Baptism in the Holy Spirit - Manuel OneWarren , Roy W$3
Wrestling With God - The Story of My Life - NZGeering, Lloyd$8–$9
Laymans Answer - An Examination of the New TheologyBlaiklock, E M$6–$7
These Three Abidede Roo, Anne$3–$4
Hope Our Daughterde Roo, Anne$4–$5
The Return of Jesus - YuleYule, Rob$3
Homosexuality and the Church - LangeLange, Stuart$3
Signs Spells and Spooks - Christians and the OccultBryant, George$3
The Bible - Can We Trust a Book Written 2000 Years Ago ?Tripp, Dick$3
Identity - Who Am I ?Tripp, Dick$3
A Guide to Christchurch Cathedral New ZealandThe Friends of christchurch Cathedral, $7
Jesus Christ the Wisdom and Power of GodSilvester, John$3
Brenda Barnes Mongolian Mission MemoriesBarnes, Brenda$5
Surprised by GodFarr, Glenda$7
Psalms - Songs from a Pierced HeartStevenson, Patricia$7–$8
Its the Little Foxes that Spoil the VineArcher, Bryan$6
Wisdom - the Missing LinkWilliams, Jim$6
Living Free - 5 booklets on Victorious Christian LivingMarshall, Tom$7
Diamond Moments - Moments of Natural Beauty and supernatural InspirationHarris, Leone$7–$8
Non - PersonAllely, Grant$8
Way to Go - Living in a broken worldBryant, George$7–$8
Tranquil Moments - The poetry of PrayerHardie, Brian$6
Fear FreePowell, Graham$5
Mentoring For Marriage - A Resource manual for Pastors Councellors and couplesSturt, John and Agnes$7
Dreams and Visions - Language of the SpiritBowater, Margaret M$12–$13
Demons DefeatedSubritzky, Bill$7
From Every Tribe - NZCMS Missionaries and the Tribal church in Lower Sindh Pakistan 1921 - 1997Entwistle, Stewart$20
On Our Way - the first 150 years of the Methodist Church in Lower HuttMethodist Publishing House, $18–$20
Destiny - The life and times of a self made apostleLineham, Peter J$20
Quiet Resting PlacesHowland, Maree$5
Hearing From God in the CountrysideGreenwood, Ivy M$8
New Vision New Zealand Vol IV (2011)Patrick, Bruce$8–$9
Meet the Baptists - Postwar Personalities and PerspectivesBolitho, Elaine E$6–$7
Empowered By the Spirit - Working in Partnership with the Holy SpiritAtkinson, Maurice$7–$8
Effective Church Leaders - A Faith Development CourseBell, David$20
Into The Wider Dream - Synchronicity in the Witness boxCocks, Michael$12
Great is Thy Faithfulness - The Life of Roland Gordon HoughtonPearl, Melissa$9
Prayers for New Zealanders- NZLowe, Bob$5–$7
Unaccustomed As I AmLowe, Bob$8