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Title Author Price
Free Indeed (Marshall)Marshall, Tom$7
A Childrens Communion BookAtkin, Virginia$3
The First Five Years and BeyondDavidson , Heather$8
The Oil of joy for Mourning - Finding Gods purpose and hope through loss - One womans storyHenwood, Beryl$7
The Art of Healing - A Journey into the MiraculousKlinkenberg, Josh$7
Sins of the Father - The Long Shadow of a Religious Cult - A NZ StoryBeale, Fleur$8
We Have A KingWilliams, Gwenda$8
One Behind the Other - Sixty Celebratory StoriesSimpson, Robert$8
Thinking About Some Everlasting WordsTucker , Sue$7
Malkuth - parables from the community of landWilson, Boyd$5
As Well as Joy - Elegies for Marcus and RachaelFitchett, Tony$6
Celebrating Service- NZSturt, John and Agnes$7–$10
Called to ThriveMauchline, N J$8
The Worlds Week - 7 booklets reprinted from the ChallengeTaylor, Belle$5
Out Where The Fish Are - Inspiring stories of God at work through Open Air Campaigners NZ 1954 - 2016OAC Ministries, $10
The Story of Suzanne AubertMunro, Jessie$8–$10
The Servant Songs: Isaiah 42-53Minn, H R$7–$8
Life After Death (Eaton)Eaton, Derek and Dick Tripp$8
Gods Address - Living with the Triune GodBlack, A Bryden$5
Just Money - The Vision of ShalomKirkland, Wayne$8
The Awwsome Power of BlessingBrunton, Richard$4
Living Below with the Saints We KnowHathaway, Brian$7
Tarore and Her BookCowley, Joy$3–$4
Miles to Go and Promises KeptTozer, Ruth$9
Your God Given Gifts - Including a teaching on tonguesMacKenzie, Hudson F$5
Dollars Growing Faith - The first 50 years of the Nelson Christian TrustDodge, Rev Ian$8
The Pleasure of Your Company- NZGarratt, Dale$6
Our Story Aotearoa - the story of mission in Aotearoa through the lens of the New Zealand Church Missionary SocietyNZ Church Missionary Society, $10
Wholeness Unlimited - Optimum Health HintsRigg, Frank$9
There is Hope for a TreeO'Regan, Pauline$8
How To Be Born Again (NZ)Subritzky, Bill$6
Through Grit to Glory - Lent Holy Week & EasterMurray, Craufurd$7
Cherishing ChristMurray, Craufurd$7–$8
Windows on Widowhood (NZ)Murray, Jocelyn$6
Why I am A Christian .Subritzky, Pat$3
Why I am A Christian (Subritzky)Subritzky, Bill$3–$4
Hearing the Voice of GodConnell, Mike$8
A Diamond in the DirtDe Jong, Maree$7–$8
Proclaim With Wonders - the role of miracles in the work of evangelisationRea, John$7
The Church in a Special Colony - A History of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland 1866-1991McKean, John$20