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Title Author Price
How to Grow in Jesus - Book ThreeSubritzky, Bill$6
How to Grow in Jesus - Book TwoSubritzky, Bill$6
How To Grow In Jesus - Book OneSubritzky, Bill$6
A History of the Charismatic Movements in New Zealand - with a breviate of the Catholic Apostolic Church in Great BritianWorsfold, James E$25
Chrysalis - The hidden Transformation in the Journey of FaithJamieson, Alan$8–$9
Called Again in and Beyond the Deserts of FaithJamieson, Alan$9
Sunday Best - How the Church shaped New Zealand and New Zealand Shaped the ChurchLineham, Peter J$30
Shaping Godzone - Public issues and church voices in New Zealand 1840 - 2000Guy, Laurie$20
Bishop Brian Tamaki - More Than Meets the EyeTamaki, Brian$10
Teaching Hundreds to Heal Missions - The Story of Dr Beryl HowieHill, Bartha$8–$9
A Churchless Faith - Faith journeys beyond evangelical, pentecostal & Charismatic churchesJamieson, Alan$9
Never Say Never - The Story of the Rhema Broadcasting Group (NZ)Wooding, Dan$7–$8
Finding the Forgotten God - Credible Faith for a Secular AgeHay, Ron$9
Loves Unfading Flower - Meditations on Pauls Hymn of Love in 1 Cor. 13Deane, John$3
Bells of Bethlehem - Christmas MeditationsDeane, John$3
Loves Resting Place - Meditations on John 15Deane, John$3
Loves Pleading - Meditations on the Lords PrayerDeane, John$3
Loves Imperative - A Meditation on the Ten CommandmentsDeane, John$3
The King of Love - Meditations on the 23rd PsalmDeane, John$3
Final NoticeSmith, Barry R$8
Creation or Evolution (Pratney)Pratney, Winkie$4–$5
Intimacy with Abba FatherNewman, Valerie$7
The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit - Gifts Fruit Anointing (Carryer)Carryer, Weston$7
Chosen Out of the Furnace (Newman)Newman, Valerie$6–$7
Am I My Keepers Brother - Human Origins from a Christian and Scientific PerspectivePattemore, Philip$18–$20
The Coming Street RevivalStrom, Andrew$4
The Insect and the Buffalo - how the study of the Bible changes everythingAllpress & Shamy, Roshan & Andrew$7
A Diamond in the DirtDe Jong, Maree$8
Shadows Over New ZealandMcDonald, Geoff$7
Will Presbyterianism Survive in New Zealand?Deenik, J W$4
Honest to Goodness - Personal Reflections on the LiturgyCowley, Joy$8
On the Knife Edge of FaithWillis, Hugh$8–$11
Grieve Not the SpiritDawson, K$6
One Step Ahead - discovering new skills in worship leading - Participants GuideWorsley, Stephen$6
Co - Workers , Co - Parents , Co - LeadersWood, Beulah$3
The Path Set For Me - conversations & Teachings along the wayMessent, David$8
Why the ShepherdBowen, godfrey$7
Slipping the Moorings - A Memoir Weaving Faith with Justice Ethics and CommunityRanderson, Richard$10–$15
In Heavenly Love Abiding - memoirs of a missionary wifeEade, Catharine$15
Come Let Us Reason TogetherJackson , JJ$10