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Title Author Price
The End of the World As We Know It, $8–$9
Preaching as Theology and ArtAchtemeier, Elizabeth$7
The Journal of Pastoral Practice Vol 1 No 1Adams, Jay E$7
The Journal of Pastoral Practice Vol 3 No 1Adams, Jay E$5
Truth Apparent - essays on Biblical PreachingAdams, Jay E$4
Church Shift - revolutionizing your faith church and life for the 21st centuryAdelaja, Sunday$8
The Supernatural Leader - time tested Strategy for great impact and spectacular Church GrowthAkin-John, Francis Bola$7
Against the Grain - words for a Politically Incorrect church - Gospel sermons for sundays after PentecostAlbertin, Steven E$6
Preaching With IntegrityAnderson, Kenton C$9
Dying for ChangeAnderson, Leith$8
Leadership That WorksAnderson, Leith$9–$10
Extreme Church MakeoverAnderson, Neil T & Charles Mylander$8
The Book of Common Worship (Anon)- PAnonymous, $4
Teach & Preach - 118 Outlines Study Discussions & Sermons (Anzea)Anzea Publishers, $8
Church in the Making - what makes or breaks a new church before it startsArment, Ben$9
LeadershipArmerding, Hudson T$8
Who Cares About Love - How to bring together the Great Commission and the Great CommandmentArn, Win & Charles & Carroll Nyquist$8
Seven Traits of a Successful LeaderArnold, Jeffrey$4
The Relevant ChurchAshley (editor), Jennifer$8–$9
The Time CrunchAsimakoupoulos, Greg$8
Seeds and Saplings - Outlines for Preachers Teachers and Lay WorkersAustin, F J$7
Nehemiah An Effective LeaderAvery, J Stuart$7
Revitalizing Congregations -Refocusing and Healing Through TransitionsAvery, William O$7
If This Is the Way the World Works - Science Congregations and LeadershipAvery & Gaede, William O & Beth Ann$8
Ministers of the Kingdom - Exploration in Non stipendiary MinistryBaelz & Jacob (editors), $5
The Blogging Church - Sharing the Story of your church through blogsBailey, Brian$8
Beyond Rejection - The Church Homosexuality and HopeBaker, Don$9
The Expanded Mission of Old First ChurchesBakke & S K Roberts, R J$7
Fragile Hope - Your Church in 2020Bandy, Thomas G$11
Introducting the Uncommon Lectionary - Opening the Bible to Seekers and DisciplesBandy, Thomas G$8
Kicking Habits - Welcome Relief for Addicted ChurchesBandy, Thomas G$7–$10
Mission Mover - Beyond Education for CHurch LeadershipBandy, Thomas G$10–$11
Moving Off the Map - a field guide to changing the congregationBandy, Thomas G$8–$10
Nehemiah - and the dynamics of effective leadershipBarber, Cyril J$6
The Activated ChurchBarden, Karl A$7
Waters of QuietnessBarker , W$6
A Fish Out of Water - 9 strategies to maximize your God given leadership potentialBarna, George$9
Baby Busters - the disillusioned generationBarna, George$9
Grow Your Church From The Outside InBarna, George$8
How to Increase Giving in Your ChurchBarna, George$8