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Title Author Price
Leaders on LeadershipBarna, George$8
Revolution (Barna)Barna, George$11
The Habits of Highly Effective ChurchesBarna, George$7
The Power of Vision - How You Can Capture and Apply Gods Vision for Your MinistryBarna, George$8
The Second Coming of the Church (Barna)Barna, George$8–$11
Boiling Point - monitoring Cultural Shifts in the 21st CenturyBarna, George & Mark Hatch$10
The Diaconate - a Full and Equal OrderBarnett, James Monroe$9
The Church that Never Sleeps (Barnett)Barnett, Matthew$9
One Hundred Great Texts and Their TreatmentBarton, Frederick$10
Effective Speech Communication in Leading WorshipBartow, Charles L$8
Lead Us Not Into Temptation- Confronting Immorality in ministryBasham, Don$6
Moses and the venture of FaithBaughen, Michael$7
The Moses PrincipleBaughen, Michael$6–$7
An Introduction to Contemporary PreachingBaumann, Dan$9
When We Pray (Bayler)Bayler, Bob and Lavon$8
Gifted to Lead - the Art of Leading as a Woman in the ChurchBeach, Nancy$8
Your Pastor Your ShepherdBeall, James Lee$7
Preaching the Gospel from the GospelsBeasley-Murray, G R$6
A Call to Excellence - An essential guide to Christian leadershipBeasley-Murray, Paul$8–$9
Dynamic LeadershipBeasley-Murray, Paul$9
The Church of My Dreams- PBeaumont, John$6
Rebuild - Small Groups can make a DifferenceBeckettfRAN, $7
The Second ReformationBeckham, William A$9
50 Ways to Help Your Church GrowBeer, David$7–$9
Releasing Your church to GrowBeer, David$7
100 Tales Worth TellingBelden, A D$6
The Rite of Marriage - Binder and Ritual CardsBellars, William$15
Leadership Images from the New TestamentBennett, David W$7–$8
Church Turned Inside Out - a guide for designers refiners and re-alignersBergquist, Linda$9
Preaching to ConvinceBerkley, James D$8
By the Book - The Whys and Hows of Biblical PreachingBernardino, Dr Nomer$8
Weddings - Prayers Hymns and Readings- PBest, Andrew$6–$7
From Text to SermonBest, Ernest$9
Speaking in Public EffectivelyBewes, Richard$7
The Church Reaches OutBewes, Richard$7
30 Days to Confident LeadershipBiehl, Bobb$12
How Prayer Shapes MinistryBiersdorf, John E$5
Pursuing Excellence in MinistryBiles, Daniel V$6
Christianity 101Bilezikian, Gilbert$10
Community 101 - Reclaiming the local church as community onenessBilezikian, Gilbert$7