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Preaching - The Secret to Parish RevivalHart , Richard$7
Deacons in the Liturgy - 2nd EditionPlater, Ormonde$7
The Green Bench - A dialogue about Leadership and changeRawlins, Matt$7
Saying Goodbye - Resources for funerals scattering ashes and rememberingBurgess , Ruth$13
Dirt Mess and Danger - Liturgies & Worship ResourcesMacaulay, Glendon$14
Developing The Leader Within You- PMaxwell, John$8
The Monkey and the Fish - liquid leadership for a third culture churchGibbons, Dave$8
Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands - Lessons in non linear leadershipOrtberg, Nancy$8–$9
The Second Coming of the Church (Barna)Barna, George$8–$11
An Unstoppable Force - daring to become the Church God had in MindMcManus, Erwin$8–$9
Natural Church Development - Implementation GuideSchwarz & C Schalk, C A$8–$10
Master Builders - Developing Life and Leadership in the Body of Christ TodayGordon, Bob$10
Church @ Community - strategic Core Values that Engage Faith in CultureDelph, Ed$9
Unleashing the ChurchTillapaugh, Frank R$6
Cracking Your Churchs Culture - Seven keys to unleashing vision & inspirationChand, Samuel R$7
The New Testament DeaconStrauch, Alexander$8
Community 101 - Reclaiming the local church as community onenessBilezikian, Gilbert$7
Organic Church - Growing faith where life happensCole, Neil$8
Light A Fire - how to effectively motivate volunteers in your churchFogarty, Stephen$8
Successful Leadership through the Government of 12Castellanos, Cesar$7
Developing A Supernatural LeadershipCastellanos, Cesar$7
Attitudes and AltitudesMesiti, Pat$7
Seventy Less Known Bible StoriesGoodman, George$5
A Theology of Church LeadershipRichards, Lawrence O$9
Partners in Prayer - Support and Strengthen Your Pastor and Church LeadersMaxwell, John$6–$7
The Peace Making PastorPoirier, Alfred$8
The Archer and the Arrow - Preaching the very words of GodJensen, Phillip D$8
The Trellis and the Vine - The Ministry Mind Shift that changes EverythingMarshall & T Payne, C$8
Leading By Example - Peters Way for the Church todayHouston, Graham$6
Next Generation LeaderStanley, Andy$8
The tides of life - Learning to lead and serve as you navigate the currents of lifePollard, C William$9
The Word and the WordsMorris, Colin$7
Leaders Who LastKraft, Dave$8
Attitudes of Great Leaders - Bringing down the Giants in your lifeFarley, Rick$8
Preaching to A Postmodern World - A Guide to reaching twenty first century listeners (P)Johnston, Graham$8
Raising Money for the ChurchBrady, Graeme$9
Liturgy - a Sourcebook about LiturgyHuck, Gabe$7
You The Leader - PPringle, Phil$8
Transforming Church Boards into Communities of spiritual leadersOlsen, Charles M$7
What People Expect From ChurchRandall, Robert L$6