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Title Author Price
Creation and Grace - A Guide to the Thought of Emil BrunnerAllen, E L$4–$5
Reflections on God Self and HumanityAndo, Takatura$5
The Mark of Cain- PHBabbage, Stuart Barton$7
The Interpretation of ReligionBaillie, John$9
The End of SecularismBaker , Hunter$9
The Foolishness of GodBaker, John Austin$8–$10
Religion in an Age of ChangeBallis, Peter H & Gary D Bouma$7
God Within ProcessBaltazar, Eulalio R$7
Developing a Christian Mind - PHBarcus, Nancy B$7–$8
FundamentalismBarr, James$9
Irrational Man - a study in Existential PhilosophyBarrett, William$6
Secular and SupernaturalBarry, F R$6
On the Barricades - Religion and Free Inquiry in ConflictBasil & Gehrman & Madigan (editors), $9
The Case For Freewill theism - A Philosophical AssessmentBasinger, David$8
Spirit and RealityBerdyaev, Nicolas$8
Phenomenology of ReligionBettis, Joseph D$8
Religions Rebel Son - Fanaticism in Our TimeBillingsley, Lloyd$8
The Absence of Tyranny: Recovering Freedom in Our TimeBillingsley, Lloyd$8
The Generation That Knew Josef - a critique of Marxism and the Religious LeftBillingsley, Lloyd$8
The Problem of Religious KnowledgeBlackstone, William T$8
The Trumphet in the Morning - Law and Freedom today in the light of the Hebraeo-Christian traditionBlanch, Stuart$8
Faith & Its CounterfeitsBloesch, Donald G$7
The Challenge of MarxismBockmuehl, Klaus$6
What I Believe - 13 Eminent people of our time argue for their philosophy of lifeBooth ( editor ), Mark$6
Thirty Years of honesty - Honest to God Then and NowBowden ( Editor ), John$7
Toward The Renewal of Civilization - Political Order and CultureBoxx, T William$8
The One in the Many - A contemporary reconstruction of the God - World relationshipBracken, Joseph A$9
Religion - Origins and IdeasBrow, Robert$7
Christianity & Western Thought - from the Anciant World to the Age of Enlightenment Vol 1Brown, Colin$18
History Criticism and FaithBrown, Colin$9
The Scandal of Christianity- PHBrunner, Emil$5
Existence and Faith- PHBultmann, Rudolf$5
Primitive Christianity - in its contemporary setting- PHBultmann, Rudolf$5
Theological Anthropology - Sources of Early Christian ThoughtBurns, J Patout$5–$9
Christ and HistoryButtrick, George A$8
Gof and RealismByrne, Peter$15
Blasphemy - Imious speech in the West from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth CenturyCabantous, Alain$12
The Image of God in ManCairns, David$6
Augustine and the Greek PhilosophersCallahan, John F$12
Fundamentalism and FreedomCameron, Peter$7–$9