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Title Author Price
Belonging to the Universe - new thinking about God and NatureCapra, Fritjof & David Steindl-Rast & Thomas Matus$9
Moving Between times - Modernity and Postmodernity - PHCarrell, Brian$12
The Culture of DisbeliefCarter, Stephen L$10
A Challenge to ChristianityCoates, J B$9
The History of FundamentalismCole, Stewart G$20
Four Trojan Horses - HumanismConn, Harry$7
The Rage for UtopiaConway, Ronald$9
Blind Alley Beliefs - A Christian CritiqueCook, David$6
B F Skinners Behaviorism an AnalysisCosgrove, Mark P$8
Shadows and the Dark - The Problems of Suffering and EvilCowburn, John$7–$8
Religion in the Secular CityCox, Harvey$9
The Feast of FoolsCox, Harvey$8
The Secular CityCox, Harvey$7
Reason and Authority in the Eighteenth CenturyCragg, G R$10
God and Reality - Essays on Christian Non RealismCrowder - Editor, Colin$12
The State in the New TestamentCullmann, Oscar$7
Adam (Cunningham)Cunningham, Adrian$7
After AllCupitt, Don$8
Life LifeCupitt, Don$10
Life LinesCupitt, Don$10
Radicals and the Future of the ChurchCupitt, Don$8–$9
The Last PhilosophyCupitt, Don$10
The Leap of ReasonCupitt, Don$10
The Long Legged FlyCupitt, Don$10
The Time BeingCupitt, Don$10
What is a StoryCupitt, Don$15
The Mind and Heart of LoveD'Arcy, M C$7
Christian Uniqueness Reconsidered - The myth of a Pluralistic Theology of ReligionsD,, $8
The Scandal of TruthDanielou, Jean$8
Man in His Right MindDarling, Harold W$7
An Introduction to the Philosophy of ReligionDavies, Brian$7
Every Day God - Encountering the Holy in World and WorshipDavies, J G$7
Body as Spirit - the nature of religious feelingDavis, Charles$9
Gods Grace in HistoryDavis, Charles$5
Powers Weakness and Tabernacling of GodDawn, Marva$8
Le Milieu Divin- PHde Chardin, Pierre Teilhard$6
The Prayer of the Universe- Selected Writings in Time of Warde Chardin, Teilhard$5
The Tragic Sense of Lifede Unamuno, Miguel$7
The Debate Over Christian ReconstructionDeMar, Gary$9
The Foundations of BeliefDewart, Leslie$8