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The Universe Next Door - A Guide to World ViewsSire, James W$6
20th Century Religious ThoughtMacquarrie, John$10
The Religious Experience of MankindSmart, Ninian$6
The Gravedigger File - secret papers on the subversion of the modern ChurchGuinness( Editor ), Os$7–$8
Varieties of Christian Apologetics - an introduction to the Christian Philosophy of ReligionRamm, Bernard$8
No God But God - Breaking with the Idols of Our AgeGuinness & John Seel, Os$8
Unriddling Our times - Reflections on the gathering cultural crisisGuinness( Editor ), Os$9
The Phenomenon of Mande Chardin, Pierre Teilhard$6
The Subversion of ChristianityEllul, Jacques$12
Philosophical Foudations for a Christian WorldviewWilliam Lane Craig, J P Moreland &$40
Loving Wisdom - Christian Philosophy of ReligionCopan, Paul$18
Worldview - the History of a ConceptNaugle, David K$20
God and the Philosophers - the reconciliation of Faith and ReasonMorris - Editor, Thomas V$12
The Recalcitrant Imago Dei - Human Persons and the Failure of NaturalismMoreland, J P$25
Christianity for Modern Pagans - Pascals Pensees Edited Outlined & ExplainedKreeft, Peter$12
The Analytic Theist - an Alvin Plantinga ReaderSennett - Editor, James F$20
The Future of Religion - Secularization Revival and Cult formationStark, Rodney$8
Understanding the times ( Noebel )Noebel, David A$10
When No One Sees - the importance of character in an age of imageGuinness( Editor ), Os$9
Does God Exist (Kung)Kung, Hans$8
The Meaning of the CityEllul, Jacques$8
Dostoevsky Kierkegaard Nietzsche and KafkaHubben, William$7
Death By Bread AloneSoelle, Dorothee$7
What I Believe - 13 Eminent people of our time argue for their philosophy of lifeBooth ( editor ), Mark$6
Powers Weakness and Tabernacling of GodDawn, Marva$8
Karl Marx - A Christian Appreciation of His Life and ThoughtLyon, David$7
Postmodern Times - A Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought and CultureVeith, Gene Edward$7
A Primer on PostmodernismGrenz, Stanley J$9
The Mind of the MakerSayers, Dorothy L$7
Preserving the Person - A Look at the Human SciencesEvans, C Stephen$6
The Social Teaching of the Christian Churches - Volume 1Troeltsch, Ernst$8
The Future of Hope - Christian Tradition amid Modernity and PostmodernityWilliam Katerberg - Editors, Miroslav Volf$12
The Post Evangelical (PH)Tomlinson, Dave$8
Beyond Tragedy - Essays on the Christian interpretation of HistoryNiebuhr, Reinhold$8
With All Your Mind - A Christian PhilosophyWoodfin, Yandall$8
Gods Final Victory - A comparative Philosophical Case for UniversalismEric Reitan, John Kronen and$40
Is Capitalism Christian?Schaeffer, Franky$8–$10
Religious Advocacy and American HistoryKuklick, Bruce$9
The Water and the FireVann, Gerald$5
The Idea of the HolyOtto, Rudolf$7