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Title Author Price
What is PrayerAdams, Dunstan$5
Preparing For Battle - A biblical Strategy for Spiritual WarfareAdams, Peter$4
The Faith builder - Remarkable Answers to PrayerAdams & Others, Henry W$7
Women of Prayer - Released to the NationsAglow, $7
Prayer SummitsAldrich, Joe$8
ReunitusAldrich, Joe$9
The Battle for Your FaithAldrich, Willard M$7
All Things Are Possible Through PrayerAllen, Charles L$4
Prayer Changes ThingsAllen, Charles L$4
The Prayerful HeartAllen, Charles L & Helen Steiner Rice$5
How Prayer and Fasting Can Change Your LifeAllen, Larry$5–$6
366 GracesAllport, John$7
What You Need to Know About Spiritual Warfare in 12 LessonsAnders, Max$7
Stories of Prayer for a Healthy SoulAnderson, Christine M$7
Praying to the God You Can Trust - Discovering the God of hope when prayer doesnt seem to change thingsAnderson, Leith$7
The Beginners Guide to Spiritual WarfareAnderson & T M Warner, N T$7–$8
Is Life So Dear?Andrew, Brother$6–$7
The Book of Common Prayer 1959 CanadaAnglican Book Centre, $6
Celebrating Common PrayerAnglican Church of New Zealand, $15
The Liturgy or Eucharist of the Church of the Province of New ZealandAnglican Church of New Zealand, $5
Dialogue with GodAppere, Guy$6
Acts of DevotionAppleton, George$3–$4
In His NameAppleton, George$4–$5
In His Name - prayers for the Church and the WorldAppleton, George$6
Jerusalem Prayers for the World TodayAppleton, George$4–$6
Prayers from a Troubled HeartAppleton, George$4
The Practice of Prayer (Appleton)Appleton, George$5
Christopher Prayers for TodayArmstrong, Richard$3
Prayer in the ShadowsAshwin, Angela$9
Linked in PrayerAtkins, Rosemary$6
Unanswered PrayerAvanzini, John$5–$6
FastingBarbaric, Slavko$4–$5
The Collects of Thomas CranmerBarbee, C Frederick$10
More Prayers for the Plain ManBarclay, William$4
Prayers for Young PeopleBarclay, William$3–$4
To Pray is to LiveBarker, William$7
Dear God - My Prayer DiaryBarnes, Emilie$6
Renewing Your Prayer LifeBarnett, Sue$8
Ideas for Effective Prayer MeetingsBarry, James C$4
Lets Start Praying Again - Field Work in MeditationBasset, Bernard$7