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Title Author Price
The Time is At HandAdams, Jay$7
None Dare Call it ConspiracyAllen, Gary$5
After the OmenAllnutt, Frank$5
Soothsayers of the Second AdventAlnor, William M$9
The Advent Hope for Human HopelessnessBacchiocchi, Samuele$10
The Prophetic LampBaker, Ernest$15
The End of the MatterBaker, Richard$4
Miraculous Messages - From Noahs Fllod to the End times.Balsiger, Dave & Charles E Sellier$6–$7
Jubilee on Wall StreetBarker, David Knox$6
Projection for SurvivalBates, Leon$6
Apocalypse HowBeacham, Jeff$8
Gods Prophetic PlanBeckwith, George D$9
Russia Israel Christ and YouBilton, Percy$6
All Things New - the Prophecies of Revelation ExplainedBloomfield, Arthur E$7
Before the Last Battle ArmageddonBloomfield, Arthur E$8
The Changing ClimateBloomfield, Arthur E$5
The End of the Days - the Prophecies of Daniel ExplainedBloomfield, Arthur E$10
Is The Bible a Jigsaw PuzzleBoersma, T$8
The MillenniumBoettner, Loraine$15
Pocket Guide to the ApocalypseBoyett, Jason$7–$9
The Future of God - the Revolutionary Dynamics of HopeBraaten, Carl E$7
The Coming KingdomBryant, M Darrol$9
The Final Victory - The Year 2000Byers, Marvin$8
Rapture Sooner Not Later Awaiting Christ not the AntichristCameron, Donald C B$9
The Final TribulationCamping, Harold$9
Money Master of the World- PYCantelon, Willard$6
New Money or NoneCantelon, Willard$6
The Day the Dollar DiesCantelon, Willard$6
When Jesus Comes AgainCarver, Everett I$20
Preparation for the Final CrisisChaij, Fernando$7
The Impending DramaChaij, Fernando$6
A Palace for the AntichristChambers, Joseph R$8
DoomsdayChandler, Russell$7–$9
The Coming and Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ- PYChater, E H$6
The Coming Reign of Our Lord Jesus ChristChater, E H$7
The Rapture BookChatham, Doug$4
On the Eve of Adam - Gods ancient plan for Lucifers defeatChurch, J R$8
The Coming Oil War - Prediction of things to comeClark, Doug$7
Christs Kingdom and the ChurchClayton, R H$5
Future History in the RevelationClayton, R H$6–$7