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Title Author Price
Christs Kingdom and the ChurchClayton, R H$5
Future History in the RevelationClayton, R H$6–$7
A Brief History of End-TimeClifford, Paula$7
The Meaning of the Millenium Four ViewsClouse, Robert G$7
The Final ChapterCoder, S Maxwell$8
Revelation VisualizedCohen, Gary G$9
The Pursuit of the MillenniumCohn, Norman$8
Born For The GloryCollins, Paul$7
Epochs Connected With the Second Coming of ChristCox, Herbert W$20
The Soon Coming of Our LordCrowley, Dale$7
Times of the signsCurle, George T$7
The Gathering Storm (Dailey)Dailey, Timothy J$8
Israel in Prophecy ( Davies )Davies, J M$4
The Elijah LegacyDavis, David$9
Bible Prophecies Fulfilled TodayDavis, George T B$7
Israel and the Nations in ProphecyDe Hann, Richard W$7
Coming Events In Prophecy (DeHaan)DeHaan, M R$7
End Times Fiction - a Biblical Consideration of the Left Behind TheologyDeMar, Gary$8
Daniel the Prophet and The Times of the GentilesDennett, Edward$8–$9
Earthquake in the CityDenton, Clifford$5
God Speaks TodayDerstine, Gerald$4
The Cosmic ConspiracyDeyo, Stan$7
The End - Why Jesus Could Return by A D 2000Dobson, Ed$8
The Worlds Coming War LordDunbar, James$20
How Shall We EscapeDurfield, Richard C$7
The Rise of Babylon - Sign of the End TImesDyer, Charles$8
Whats Next God Israel and The Future of Iraq (PY)Dyer, Charles$10
Whats Next: God Israel And The Future Of IraqDyer, Charles$7
Last ThingsEddleman, H Leo$8
3 Worlds in ConflictEllisen, Stanley A$7–$8
A Basic Guide to Eschatology - Making sense of the MillenniumErickson, Millard J$9
Beyond IraqEvans, Michael$9
Beyond Iraq - The Next Move - ancient Prophecy and modern Day conspiracy collideEvans, Michael$7
The Final Move Beyond Iraq (Evans)Evans, Mike$9
The Best is Yet to Come - Bible Prophecies through the agesEvans, Tony$8
Prophetic Truth Unfolding TodayFeinberg, Charles Lee$10–$12
The Finger of ProphecyFerguson, J L and R Armstrong$9
Malachis Message to Gods Church TodayFlurry, Gerald$8
Soviet Power or Gods KingdomFoster, Thomas$6
The AntichristFoster, Thomas$4–$6