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Title Author Price
End Time Events - 4 volumesLowe, A J$25
The Greatest Book on Dispensational Truth in the WorldLarkin, Clarence$40
The Elijah LegacyDavis, David$9
Waiting for Christs ReturnVeldkamp, Herman$7
The King is Coming - an outline study of the Last DaysWillmington, H L$8
Unveiling the Man of sinVankoevering, Joe$8
Four Blood Moons - something is about to change - PYHagee, John$8
An Eschatology of VictoryKik, J Marcellus$8–$9
A Basic Guide to Eschatology - Making sense of the MillenniumErickson, Millard J$9
The United States and British Commonwealth in ProphecyArmstrong, Herbert W$7
Are We Living In The End Times - PYLaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins$9
Future Events - This I BelieveWord of Life, $6
The Promise of Bible ProphecyLindsey, Hal$7
The Manifestation of the Sons of God 2010 - 2112 - The Experience of Romans 8Kjos, L Edward$5
A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days - surprising insights on Israel the End times and popular misconceptionsBernis, Jonathan$8
Born For The GloryCollins, Paul$7
Day of Deception- PYHagee, John$7
Money Master of the World- PYCantelon, Willard$6
Shadows of the BeastParsch, James Jacob$20
Know the Future - a Bible Prophecy BreakthroughMcHyde, Tim$9
Prophecy - what lies aheadSmith, Oswald J$7
The Liberation of Planet EarthLindsey, Hal$6
The Trumpet Sounds for Britain vol 3Gardner, David E$5
The Trumpet Sounds for Britain vol 1Gardner, David E$5–$6
UnHoly War - The Truth Behind the Headlines - America Israel and Radical IslamPrice, Randall$8
The Prophesied End TimeWeinland, Ronald$7
The Soon Coming of Our LordCrowley, Dale$7
Pocket Guide to the ApocalypseBoyett, Jason$7–$9
Naming the Antichrist - The history of an American ObsessionFuller , Robert$8
Kept From the HourStanton, Gerald B$9
The Rapture Exposed - The Message of Hope in the Book of RevelationRossing, Barbara R$9
The Bible Prophecy HandbookEcob, John R$14
Beginning of the End - The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the Coming AntichristHagee, John$7
Snatched AwaySmith, Chuck$4
The Meaning of the Millenium Four ViewsClouse, Robert G$7
Five Minutes to MidnightTatford, Fredk A$5
Can America Survive ? - 10 prophetic Signs that we are the terminal generationHagee, John$9
Fires Before the DawnGardiner, Alistair$7
Are These the Last Days - How to Live Expectantly in a World of UncertaintyLaurie, Greg$7
Earthquake in the CityDenton, Clifford$5