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Title Author Price
Sharing Your Faith with a MuslimAbdul-Haqq, Abdiyah Akbar$8
Building Bridges - Christianity and IslamAccad, Fouad Elias$8
We Found Our Way OutAdair, James R$4
Daughters of Islam -Building Bridges with Muslim WomenAdeney, Miriam$8
Christian Witness Among MuslimsAfrica Christian Press, $5
Christianity & Islam according to The Bible & The QuranAl-Moghamis, Naser$5
Difficult Scriptures - REAlbert, David$9
Shopping for a GodAllan, John$7
Yoga - a Christian AnalysisAllan, John$4
The Infiltration of the New AgeAmano, J Yutaka$7
Christianity & Comparative ReligionAnderson, J N D$8
Christianity and Comparative ReligionAnderson, Norman$7
The Worlds Religions (Norman Anderson)Anderson, Norman$7
Satans Snare - the influence of the occultAnderson, Peter$6
Talk About the DevilAnderson, Peter$5
Talk of the Devil (Anderson)Anderson, Peter$5
The Deceit of LuciferAngley, Ernest$8
The Facts on IslamAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
The Facts on Jehovahs WitnessesAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
The Facts on The Mormon Church - A Handy Guide to Understanding the Claims of MormonismAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
The Facts on the New Age MovementAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
The Facts on the OccultAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
Glad Encounter - Jesus Christ and the Living Faiths of MenAppleton, George$6
The Bible and People of Other FaithsAriarajah, Wesley$7
The Battle for God - fundamentalism in Judaism Christianity and IslamArmstrong, Karen$6
Great Basin Kingdom - An Economic History of the Latter Day Saints 1830-1900Arrington, Leonard J$10
Witnessing to MormonsBaer, Richard D$3
Homeopathy DiagnosedBambridge, Tony$4
Antichrist Associates & Cosmic ChristianityBarela, John$8
New Religious MovementsBarker, Eileen$9
Can a Christian have a Demon (Basham)Basham, Don W$6–$8
Christianity or Superstition- An Objective Summary of mascots horoscopes talismans fortune tellingBauer, Paul$14
What About HoroscopesBayly, Joseph$5
Discretion and Valour - REBeeson, Trevor$6
Grace For Muslims - The Journey from Fear to FaithBell, Steve$7
Insights on IslamBennett, Philip$3
Words in World ReligionsBishop, Peter D$9
Stars Signs & Salvation in the Age of AquariusBjornstad, James$5
The Transcendental MirageBjornstad, James$4
Star Signs & Salvation in the Age of AquariusBjornstad & Johnson, $5