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Title Author Price
Star Signs & Salvation in the Age of AquariusBjornstad & Johnson, $5
Cults World Religions and YouBoa, Kenneth$6
Hypnosis and the ChristianBobgan, Martin and Deidre$4
Sacred Books of the WorldBouquet, A C$6
The Christian Faith and Non-Christian ReligionsBouquet, A C$9
Problems of Suffering in Religions of the WorldBowker, John$15
Why You Should Believe in the Trinity - An answer to Jehovahs WitnessesBowman, Robert M$7
An Exposition of the Seven Church AgesBranham, William Marrion$12
Know the Marks of CultsBreese, Dave$5
In the Shade of the MoonBroekman, Cecily$7
Lord of the Air- REBrooke, Tal$6
The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of ErrorBrooks, Keith L$3
A Guide to ReligionsBrown, David$7
The Queen of Heaven DisarmedBrown, Mary$5
Clash of WorldsBurnett, David$8–$9
The Spirit of BuddhismBurnett, David$11
The Spirit of Buddhism - a Christian perspective on Buddhist thoughtBurnett, David$8
Unearthly Powers - A Christian Perspective on Primal and Folk ReligionBurnett, David$8
Some Modern FaithsBurrell, Maurice C$5
The Challenge of the CultsBurrell, Maurice C$6–$7
Lying SpiritsCaldwell, William$4
Partners in Dialogue - Christianity and Other World ReligionsCamps, Arnulf$10
The Costly Call - Modern day stories of Muslims who found JesusCaner, Emir Fethi and H Edward Pruitt$7
Voicess Behind the Veil - the world of Islam through the eyes of womenCaner, Ergun$7
The Moslem World in RevolutionCash, W Wilson$9
SatanChafer, Lewis Sperry$7–$8
Cross & Crescent - responding to the challenge of IslamChapman, Colin$8
Cross and Crescent - Responding to the challenges of IslamChapman, Colin$10
Religion in Aboriginal Australia - An AnthologyCharlesworth, Morphy, Bell and Maddock, $20
What is the New AgeCole, Michael$6
A Short History of BuddhismConze, Edward$7
Ishmael My Brother - A Biblical Course on IslamCooper, Anne$6
Jesus Christ or MohammedCoplestone, F S$6–$7
Answering Islam - Countering Terror with TruthCoral Ridge Ministries, $4
Who Really Wrote the Book of MormonCowdrey & H Davis & D Scales, W$12
The West Islam and Islamism - Is Ideological Islam compatible with liberal democracyCox & John Marks, Caroline$7–$8
The Call of the MinaretCragg, Kenneth$7–$9
Abingdon Dictionary of Living ReligionsCrim, Keith$15
The Muslim MasqueradeCroft, Jim$3
Christian DeviationsDavies, Horton$7