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Title Author Price
Kingdom of Darkness - a penetrationg study of the nethermost realms of the occultThomas, F W$8
Christian Reply to Muslim ObjectionsTisdall, W St Clair$4–$5
Five Great Non Christian ReligionsTitterton, C H$8
Twelve Years with Mary Baker EddyTomlinson, Irving C$6
Released from the WatchtowerTomsett, Valerie$6–$7
Watchtower ChaosTomsett, Valerie$5
Christ and Baha'u'llahTownshend, George$6
Kicked Out of The Kingdom- RETrombley, Charles$5
Miraculous Movements - how Hundreds of thousands of Muslims are Falling in Love with JesusTrousdale, Jerry$8
The Order of the Cross Ninetieth Anniversary 1904 - 1994TThe Order of the Cross, $8
The Chaos of CultsVan Baalen, J K$7–$8
Hard Core Idolatry - Facing the FactsWagner, C Peter$4–$6
Tearing Down Strongholds - Prayer for BuddhistsWagner, Elizabeth$4
The Dawn of Religion - Great Religions of the EastWaterhouse, Eric S$7
A Concise Dictionary of Cults & ReligionsWatson, William$9
Confucian Spirituality - Volume 1Weiming & M E Tucker, Tu$20
Playing with Fire - fantasy gamesWeldon, John$7
The Transcendental ExplosionWeldon, John$7
Who Are We - The Quest for a Religious EducationWesterhoff, John H$7
Deceived - The Jonestown tragedy: what every Christian should knowWhite, Mel$7
Dominion Over Demons (Whyte)Whyte, H A Maxwell$5
The Kiss of SatanWhyte, H A Maxwell$5
The Fortune SellersWilburn, Gary A$5
Victor Paul Wierwille and The Way InternationalWilliams, J L$6
Christianity - Religions of the worldWilson, Brian$7
The Devils Party - a History of Charlatan MessiahsWilson, Colin$8
Encounter in the Spirit: Muslim- Christian Meetings in BirminghamWingate, Andrew$7
Muslims & Christians on the Emmaus RoadWoodberry (editor), J Dudley$10
Our Priceless Heritage - A Study of Christian Doctrine in Contrast With Romanism (Woods)Woods, Henry M$9–$10
Mind Man and the SpiritsWright, J Stafford$7
Jesus vs Jihad - Exposing the conflict between Christ and IslamYakos, Marvin$7
Flight 653 from Austin - a Father and Daughters Valiant Struggle with New age and holistic MedicineYates, Jim$7
A Venture of Faith (Younghusband)Younghusband, Francis$10