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Title Author Price
Satans DevicesKoch, Kurt$9
Revelation - Jesus Holy Spirit God in Christianity and IslamDurie, Mark$8
Islam and the JewsGabriel, Mark$7
Understanding the CultsMcDowell, Josh and John Gilchrist$7–$8
The Dawn of Religion - Great Religions of the EastWaterhouse, Eric S$7
The New Age CultMartin, Walter$7–$9
Unmasking the WatchtowerStevens, Selwyn$4
The Bible the Supernatural and the JewsPhillips, McCandlish$8
The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back - An Old Heresy for The New AgeJones, Peter$7
The Truth About MasonsMorey, Robert$7
Sharing Your Faith with a MuslimAbdul-Haqq, Abdiyah Akbar$8
Reincarnation Vs ResurrectionSnyder, John$8
Demons Demons Demons - A christian guide through the murky maze of the OccultNewport, John P$7
I Talked with Spirits- REErnest, Victor H$6
How to Rescue Your Loved One from the Watch TowerReed, David A$8
Why You Should Believe in the Trinity - An answer to Jehovahs WitnessesBowman, Robert M$7
Are Demons for RealPeterson, Robert$5–$6
The Cross Versus the CrescentFisk, Eric G$6
101 Questions & Answers on Demon PowersSumrall, Lester$5–$8
Cross and Crescent - Responding to the challenges of IslamChapman, Colin$10
Mosques & Miracles - revealing Islam and Gods GraceRobinson, Stuart$9
The New Lion Handbook - The worlds ReligionsPartridge, Christopher$20–$25
Flight 653 from Austin - a Father and Daughters Valiant Struggle with New age and holistic MedicineYates, Jim$7
The Dark Secret of G A O T U - Shattering the deception of Free MasonryMendez-Ferrell, Dr Ana$9
So Whats The Difference ? - A look at 20 worldviews faiths and religious and how they compare to christianityRidenour, Fritz$5–$7
How Movies Helped Save My Soul - finding spiritual fingerprints in culturally significant filmsHiggins, Gareth$8
The Crescent Through the eyes of the Cross - Insights from an Arab ChristianJabbour, Nabeel$8
The Challenging Counterfeit - Can we really communicate with the deadGasson, Raphael$5
Inside the Community- Understanding Muslims through their TraditionsParshall, Phil$8
No Other Name ? - A critical survey of Christian Attitudes towards the World ReligionsKnitter, Paul f$7
Can a Christian have a Demon (Basham)Basham, Don W$6–$8
Christianity & Islam according to The Bible & The QuranAl-Moghamis, Naser$5
The Signs & the Symbols - Occult New Age & Cult InsigniasStevens, Selwyn$4
A Guide to ReligionsBrown, David$7
Freemasonry - a ReligionLawrence, John$7
The Devils AlphabetKoch, Kurt$7
Muslims & Christians on the Emmaus RoadWoodberry (editor), J Dudley$10
A Wind in the House of Islam - How God is drawing Muslims around the world to faith in Jesus ChristGarrison, David$9
The Camel - How Muslims are Coming to Faith in ChristGreeson, Kevin$9
The Wisdom of Islam and the Foolishness of ChristianityShumack, Richard$12