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Title Author Price
Youth Ministry for a New Millennium GenerationA'Bell, Julia$7
Centre Stage - A collection of dramasAct Theatre Company, $4
Searchlights -All Age Resource for Common Worship Year CAdam, David$9
Star of Wonder - Stories and Poems for ChristmasAlexander, Pat$8
Just LookingAllan, John$5
The Alpha Course ManualAlpha Resources, $4
The Marriage Course - How to build a healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime - ManualAlpha Resources, $5
Beta - The Next Step in your journey with Christ - Student GuideAnderson, Neil T$5
Breaking Through to Spiritual Maturity - Study guideAnderson, Neil T$8
Ministering the Steps to Freedom in Christ - Teaching ManualAnderson, Neil T$9
Faith Builders - spiritual growth for youth groupsAngier, Patrick$7
Ears to Hear Eyes to See - a Handbook for Christians Using the MediaAnglican Information Office, $7
Catching Light - Looking for God in the MoviesAnker, Roy M$9
Every Heart Restored WorkbookArterburn & Fred Stoeker, Stephen$5
Dramatizations from the Life of JesusBaily, Albert L$6
Trabells Teachers GuideBarker, William$5
Spiritual Growth Through Creative Drama - For Children and YouthBarragar, Pam$4
Rules Who Needs ThemBarrett, Ethel$6
Imaging the Divine - Jesus and Christ Figures in filmBaugh, Lloyd$9
The Beginnings of Church LifeBaxter, W J E$8
Dynamics of DisciplingBeacon Hill Press, $6
The Folk Arts in Gods FamilyBeall, Patricia$6–$7
The Ultimate Survival Guide for Childrens Ministry WorkersBeckwith, Ivy$6
Everyones a Winner - RSBelben, Jim$7
Jesus and Peter - Off the record conversationsBell & Maule, John L & Graham$7
The 2:7 Series - Leaders GuideBellars, William$3
The Adventure of Discipling OthersBennett, Ron & John Purvis$9
The Grace Life - Christ in My Heart - Middle School Book 1Berean Bible Society, $7
The Truth is Out There - Christian faith and the classics of TV Science FictionBertonneau, Thomas$8
One Lord Different CulturesBlacket, John$7
Time To Dance - 12 practical dancesBlogg, Martin H$7–$8
Beyond NeutralityBluck, John$4
Please Give a Devotion - Volume 2Bolding, Amy$7
These Truths Were Made for Walking - Comedy SketchesBolton, Martha$5
Christians in the Workplace - Spiritual Discovery SeriesBonnici, Roberta$4
Christians in the Workplace - Spiritual Discovery Series (Leaders Guide)Bonnici, Roberta$5
Organizing Your Youth MinistryBorthwick, Paul$8
Too Tough - The Hardest Teachings of JesusBorthwick, Paul$6
Drama for All the FamilyBotting, Michael$6–$7
For All the Family - Illustrated Talks for Family ServicesBotting, Michael$6