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Title Author Price
Two Essays - Christ and the Modern Mind - Love & BeliefAdam, Karl$12
The Churchs YearAlexander, Charles$6
Conclave - the politics personalities and process of the next Papal ElectionAllen, John L$8
Apostle of Charity - the Father Nelson Henry Baker StoryAnderson, Floyd$14
John XXIII - Pope of the CouncilAradi & M Derrick & D Woodruff, Z$6
In the School of LoveBarbaric, Slavko$5
Pope Paul VI (Barrett)Barrett, William E$6
The Red Lacquered Gate- RCBarrett, William E$7
The New Agenda - a proposal for a new approach to fundamental religious issues in contemporary termsBaum, Gregory$6
A New Look at the SacramentsBausch, William J$6
Breaking Trust - a Priest Looks at the Scandal of Sexual AbuseBausch, William J$8
The Parish of the Next MillenniomBausch, William J$7
The Unity of ChristiansBea, Augustin Cardinal$6
Come to Me - In the Blessed SacramentBellars, William$7
In a Great Tradition - Tribute to Dame Laurentia McLachlanBenedictines of Stanbrook, $8
On Fire With the Spirit - My Personal StoryBertolucci, John$7
Into the Blue BeyondBird, John$9
A Way of Life - Being a Catholic TodayBoard (editor), David Miles$9
Were On a Mission from GodBonacci, Mary Beth$9
Taize - Brother Roger and His CommunityBrico, Rex$8
The Scripture RosaryBroekman, Theobald$4
No Greater Love - Sources of TaizeBrother Roger of Taize, $6
Prayer of the WarriorBrown, Michael H$7
Woman at the Altar - The Ordination of Women in the Roman Catholic ChurchByrne, Lavinia$10
The Foundress of Tyburn Convent - Mother Mary of St PeterCamm, Dom Bede$15
Christian Uniqueness & Catholic SpiritualityCarmody, Denise Lardner and John$8
To Be A Revolutionary - An autobiographyCarney, Padre J Guadalupe$8
Blessed Are You Who Believed - RCCarretto, Carlo$8
Padre Pio - The StigmatistCarty, Rev charles mortimer$7
El Cuerpo de CristoCasarella, Peter$10
Good Pope John and His CouncilCastle, Tony$8
New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal - Prayerbook and hymnal for 2010Catholic Book Publishing, $4
The Kingdom Within (Caulfield)Caulfield, Genevieve$7
Our Friends The Little Sisters of the PoorChrestien, Edith Corinne$10
Cultural Adaptation of the LiturgyChupungco, Anscar J$6–$7
Every Mans Book of SaintsClarke, C P S$9
Everymans Book of SaintsClarke, C P S$8
Monsignor John Leonard and the Catholic Youth OrganisationCoen, Kevin$9
The Sunday Missal - A New EditionCollins, $15
Papal Power - a Proposal for Change in Catholicisms Third MillennuimCollins, Paul$10