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For A Better World - A social action guide for ChristiansAdams, Richard$6
Why Pro-Life ? Caring for the unborn and their mothersAlcorn, Randy$5
Work Family and Religion in Contemporary SocietyAmmerman, Nancy Tatom$16
Let Us Make Man - The Genetic Revolution has ArrivedAnderson, Bruce$6
The Price of a Perfect Baby - what Christians should know about the Genetic RevolutionAnderson, Bruce$7
The Kindness that KillsAnderson, Digby$7
The Cry of CompassionAnderson, John O$6
The Myth of Safe SexAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$8
A Pocket Guide to Social Issues - what does the bible say about moralityAnswers in Genesis, $5
Uncorked - the Hidden Hazards of AlcoholAshton & R S Laura, J F$7
Peace in Our TimeAtkinson, David$6
Reckoning With Apocalypse - Terminal Politics and Christian HopeAukerman, Dale$10
Project Earth - Preserving the World God CreatedBadke, William B$8
Religion in an Age of Change (Ballis)Ballis, Peter H & Gary D Bouma$9
Beyond Good IntentionsBandow, Doug$9
Odd Man Out?- SBanks, Donald$4
Environmental Stewardship in the Judeo-Christian Tradition - Jewish Catholic and Protestant Wisdom on the EnvironmentBarkey, Michael B$7
Peace Together - a vision of Christian PacifismBarrett, Clive$7
America - to Pray or Not to PrayBarton, David$7
An Earth Careful Way of life - Christian Stewardship and the Environmental CrisisBasney, Lionel$7
Jesus and the Poor - The Poverty Program of the first ChristiansBatey, Richard$7
Beyond HungerBeals, Art$6
Beyond Hunger - a Biblical mandate for social responsibilityBeals, Art$7
Virtual Faith - The Irreverent Spiritual Quest of Generation XBeaudoin, Tom$8
The Paradoxical Vision - A public theology for the twenty first centuryBenne , Robert$8
The Care of Creation - Focusing concern and actionBerry ( Editor ), R J$10
The New Friars - serving the worlds poorBessenecker, Scott A$7
Quest For Hope in the Slum Community - A Global Urban ReaderBessenecker - Editor, Scott$12
Brave Hearts Rebel SpiritsBiggs, Brooke Shelby$8
Beyond the Hidden Pain of AbortionBigliardi, Patricia$8
The Poor Side of Europe - the Church and the New Poor of Western EuropeBoerma, Coenraad$7
Black and Reformed - Apartheid liberation and the Calvanist traditionBoesak, Allan$7
Farewell to InnocenceBoesak, Allan Aubrey$7
The Skeptics Guide to Global PovertyBourke, Dale Hanson$8
No Free LunchesBrockett, John$10
Brethren and PacifismBrown, Dale W$6
The Reconstruction of the RepublicBrown, Harold O J$6
Making Peace in the Global VillageBrown, Robert McAfee$7
Life in Our Hands - A Christian perspective on genetics and cloningBryant & Searle, John & John$8
Passion for JusticeCAFOD, $5