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Is My Life Really Sacred - Abortion and the Christian ConscienceCameron, Nigel M de S$6
Stand Up and be Counted - The Care Series (S)Cameron, Nigel M de S$8
Sword of the SpiritCarr, Dhyanchand$8
Jobs & Justice Homes & HopeCatherwood, Fred$8
Racing Toward 2001Chandler, Russell$8
A Charismatic Approach to Social ActionChristenson, Larry$7
And He Had Compassion on Them - The Christian and World HungerChristian Reformed Church Synod 1978, $6
Globalization and its impact on Human RightsChunakara, Mathews George$9
Shopping For Faith - american Religion in the New millenniumCimino, Richard$7
The Reluctant DefenderClaerbaut, David$7
From the Coup to the Commonwealth- an Inside Look at Life in Contemporary RussiaClendenin, Daniel B$9
Strong Doctrine Strong MercyClifton, Shaw$7
Wealth & Poverty - four Christian views of EconomicsClouse, Robert G$7
The Facts of Life - An Authoritative Guide to Life and Family IssuesClowes, Brian$10
Matters of Life and Death (Cobb)Cobb, John B$7
Gods Earth - Religion as if matter really matteredCollins, Paul$8
War and Pacifism: The Facts and the ChoicesCooling, Margaret$7
Green ChristianityCooper, Tim$8–$10
Obscenity Pornography & CensorshipCotham, Perry$8
A People of Hope - the local Church as agent of changeCowley, Ian$6
This Immoral Trade - Slavery in the 21st CenturyCox & Marks, Baroness Caroline & Dr John$7
Can We Ever Kill - An Ethical EnquiryCrawford, Robert$9
A Whisper Will be HeardCrowe, Philip$7–$9
Toward a Biblical View of Civil GovernmentCulver, Robert Duncan$18
Turning the Tide of InjusticeD'Abreo, Desmond A$6
The Anatomy of Anti Semitism - and other essays on religion and raceDaane, James$6
Life Style a Parable of SharingDammers, A H$7
Todays Issues and Christian Beliefs - for GCSE religious studiesDanes, Simon & Christopher$7
Sacrament and Struggle - Signs and Instruments of Grace from the DowntroddenDavid, Kenith A$9
Christians Politics and Violent RevolutionDavies, J G$8
World on Loan - Christian Stewardship in the Local ChurchDavies, John$8
Apartheid is a Heresyde Gruchy, John W$8
Cry Justice - Prayers meditations and readings from South Africade Gruchy, John W$5
Good News to the PoorDe Santa Ana, Julio$5
Goodnews to the Poor-The challenge of the poor in the history of the churchDe Santa Ana, Julio$7
Separation Without HopeDe Santa Ana, Julio$8
God and Government - Volume 1 - A Biblical and Historical StudyDeMar, Gary$8
To Set At Liberty the OppressedDickinson, Richard$7
The Color of Love - Understanding Gods answer to Racism Separation and DivisionDollar, Creflo A$8
Shalom - Biblical Perspectives on Creation Justice & PeaceDuchrow & G Liedke, U$9