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Title Author Price
War - Moral or ImmoralThieme, R B$6
Caring for Creation - Biblical and theological perspectivesTillett (Editor), Sarah$9
Test Tube Babies - a Christian ViewUnity Press, $6
Commitment to Gods Worldvan der Bent, Ans$16
Crime and its VictimsVan Ness, Daniel W$7
The Liberating Spirit - Toward an Hispanic American Pentecostal Social EthicVillafane, Eldin$15
Louder Than Words - and A - Z of Christian Social Actionvon Ruhland, Catherine$7
The Gift of CreationVroblesky, Virginia$4–$7
The aWake Project - African Aids CrisisW Publishing Group, $9
Founding Faith - Providence Politics and the birth of Religious Freedom in AmericaWaldman, Steven$8
Gods Politics - Why the American Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesnt Get ItWallis, Jim$9
Stand Up and Be Counted - The Care SeriesWhitcomb & Nigel Wiliams, Luke$10
Doing Theology and Development - meeting the challenge of povertyWhite & R Tiongco, S$9–$11
Religious ApartheidWhitehead, John$8
The Second American RevolutionWhitehead, John$8
Man and Structures - All the social systems have proved to have their flaws. Far reaching structural changes are needed in all camps - but what about man himselfWilhelmsen, Jens J$6
Earth Keeping in the 90s Stewardship of CreationWilkinson, Loren$10
The Social Conscience of the EvangelicalWirt, Sherwood Eliot$7
A Place in the Sun - an introduction to liberation theology in the Third WorldWitvliet, Theo$8
Until Justice and Peace EmbraceWolterstorff, Nicholas$12
Land Rights for Indigenous People - PCR information reports and background papersWorld Council of Churches, $5
After Heaven - Spirituality in America Since the 1950sWuthnow, Robert$8
After the Baby Boomers - How twent and thirty somethings are shaping the future of American religionWuthnow, Robert$8
Christianity and Civil Society - The contemporary DebateWuthnow, Robert$6
God and Mammon in AmericaWuthnow, Robert$7
Should I Keep My Baby - SZimmerman, Martha$6