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Rich Christians In an Age of Hunger - Moving From Affluence to GenerositySider, Ronald J$9
An Earth Careful Way of life - Christian Stewardship and the Environmental CrisisBasney, Lionel$7
Rich Christians in an Age of HungerSider, Ronald J$5–$7
A Place in the Sun - an introduction to liberation theology in the Third WorldWitvliet, Theo$8
More than Houses - how Habitat for Humanity is transforming lives and neighborhoodsFuller, Millard$7
The Skeptics Guide to Global PovertyBourke, Dale Hanson$8
Sharing Gods Planet - A christian vision for a sustainable futureMission and Public affairs Council, $5
Idols for Destruction - Christian Faith and its Confrontation with American SocietySchlossberg, Herbert$8
Life Style a Parable of SharingDammers, A H$7
Option for the Poor - The basic principle of Liberation theology in the light of the BibleLohfink, Norbert F$7
Into The Arena - Why Christians should be politically involvedMiller, Paul$7
Too Small to Ignore - Why the Least of These Matters MostStafford, Dr Wess$7
Jesus and the Poor - The Poverty Program of the first ChristiansBatey, Richard$7
Biodiversity & Ecology - an Interdisciplinary ChallengeMark Worthing, Denis Edwards and$8
Brethren and PacifismBrown, Dale W$6
50 Ways to do JusticeThe Salvation Army, $7
Living More SimplySider, Ronald J$5
The Good of Affluence - seeking God in a Culture of WealthSchneider, John$9
Terrify No MoreHaugen, Gary A$9
The New Friars - serving the worlds poorBessenecker, Scott A$7
The Color of Love - Understanding Gods answer to Racism Separation and DivisionDollar, Creflo A$8
War - Moral or ImmoralThieme, R B$6
Quest For Hope in the Slum Community - A Global Urban ReaderBessenecker - Editor, Scott$12
Siding With the PoorRobinson, Gnana$6
Project Earth - Preserving the World God CreatedBadke, William B$8
False Justice - Unveiling the Truth about Social JusticeGreaves, Stuart$8
This Immoral Trade - Slavery in the 21st CenturyCox & Marks, Baroness Caroline & Dr John$7
Micahs Challenge - The churchs Responsibility to the Global PoorHoek - Editor, Marijke$7
Good News About Injustice - A witness of courage in a hurting worldHaugen, Gary A$7
Wars & Rumors of WarsShinn, Roger L$7
The Dark Hole of World Hunger and the Christian SolutionSumrall, Lester$6
Compassion Justice and the Christian Life - Rethinking ministry to the poorLupton, Robert D$7
A Christian Response to the Life SciencesNational Council of churches of Singapore, $7
Capitalism and Progress - A Diagnosis of Western SocietyGoudzwaard, Bob$8
Beyond Canberra - Evangelical responses to contemporary ecumenical issuesNicholls, Bruce J$6–$7
Creating a Just FutureMoltmann, Jurgen$6
Environmental Stewardship in the Judeo-Christian Tradition - Jewish Catholic and Protestant Wisdom on the EnvironmentBarkey, Michael B$7
The Liberating Spirit - Toward an Hispanic American Pentecostal Social EthicVillafane, Eldin$15
The Care of Creation - Focusing concern and actionBerry ( Editor ), R J$10
Biblical Studies Alternatively - An Introductory ReaderScholz, Susanne$15