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Title Author Price
Held Together - an exploration of coherenceAdie, Michael$8
The Journey HomeAiken, Nick$7
The World is a WeddingAllchin, A M$7
Discovering Your Personal VocationAlphonso, Herbert$7
Pilgrim Ways - Catholic Pilgrimage Sites in Britain and IrelandAlton, David$12
Jesus Our StoryAndersen, Frank$8
Mighty Stories Dangerous Rituals - Weaving together the Human and the DivineAnderson & Foley, Herbert & Edward$8
Meditations on a ThemeAnthony, Metropolitan$9
The Way of a DiscipleAppleton, George$6
The Spirituality of the Old Low CountriesAxters, Stephanus$10
Classic Comfort - Timeless Wisdom from Classic Writers (SP)Backhouse, Robert$6
Paths in SolitudeBaker, Eve$7
The Elements of Christian SymbolismBaldock, John$7
The Song of the Three Holy ChildrenBaynes, Pauline$7
Birth - a guide for Prayer - Take and Receive seriesBergan, Jaqueline Syrup and S Marie Schwan$8
Forgiveness - a guide for Prayer - Take and Receive SeriesBergan, Jaqueline Syrup and S Marie Schwan$8
Freedom - A Guide for PrayerBergan, Jaqueline Syrup and S Marie Schwan$7–$8
Love - A Guide for PrayerBergan, Jaqueline Syrup and S Marie Schwan$8
Surrender - a guide for Prayer - Take and Receive SeriesBergan, Jaqueline Syrup and S Marie Schwan$8
Bread Broken and Shaped - Broadening our vision of EucharistBernier, Paul$7
Meditations (Boros)Boros, Ladislaus$6–$7
The coming of God ( Boulding )Boulding, Maria$9
By Heart - A Lifetime CompanionBowden, John$8
Face the LightBradley, Gerard T$20
Vital Spiritualities - Naming the Holy in Your lifeBroccolo, Gerard T$6
God of the UnexpectedBrother John of Taize, $5
A Retreat With Thea Bowman and Bede AbramBrown, Joseph A$9
Jung and the Christian WayBryant, Christopher$7
The Heart in PilgrimageBryant, Christopher$6
Speak What We Feel - Not What We Ought to SayBuechner, Frederick$9
The Eyes of the Heart - a memoir of the lost and foundBuechner, Frederick$9
A book of blessings and how to write your ownBurgess , Ruth$8
Advent and Psychic BirthBurke, Mariann$10
The Daily Dilemma of the Christian- SPBurtchaell, James Tunstead$7
Contemplation and Midlife Crisis - Examples from classical and contemporary spiritualityCaefagna, Rosemarie$7
Understanding the Human Jesus - SPCanale, Andrew$8
Circles of HopeCane, Bill$8
Spiritual JourneyCarey, George$7
Handbook for the SoulCarlson & Sheild (editors), $7
Toward a Male SpiritualityCarmody, John$8