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Title Author Price
The Inner Life ( Chadwick )Chadwick, W F P$6
Charismatic SpiritualityClark, Stephen B$9
Mixed Blessings (Comin)Comin, Paula Ripple$8
The Discerning Heart - Discovering a Personal GodConroy, Maureen$6
Soul - An ArchaeologyCousineau, Phil$9
For Gods Sake - UnityCraig (editor), Maxwell$12
Recent Trends Among EvangelicalsCroucher, Rowland$6
The Everyday GodCunneen, Sally$4
A Heart to Know Thee - A Practical Summa of the Spiritual LifeCuskelly, E J$6
Letting Go in LoveDalrymple, John$7
Sadhana A Way to Godde Mello, Anthony$7–$8
Loves Harvestde Vinck, Christopher$9
The Hunger of the HeartDelBene, Ron$10
Live for a Challenge - discovering and using your giftsDewar, Francis$7–$8
God on your own - Finding a spiritual path outside religionDispenza, Joseph$8
Embody the Word - Being a Temple of the Holy SpiritDodson, Peter$5
PoustinaDoherty, Catherine de Hueck$6
The Gospel Without Compromise- SPDoherty, Catherine de Hueck$5
Meditation - the Bible Tells You HowDowning, Jim$4
Meditation- SPDowning, Jim$4
CredoDoyle, Brian$8
The Pot and the KnifeDrury, John$8
The Reasons of the HeartDunne, John S$10
Joy - the dancing spirit of love surrounding youEanes, Beverly Elaine$7
A Staircase for SilenceEcclestone, Alan$8
Yes to God- SPEcclestone, Alan$6–$7
Loved Into LifeEdson, Mike$7
Made from StardustEdwards, Denis$6
Made From Stardust - exploring the place of human beings within creationEdwards, Denis$7
Spiritual Friend - Reclaiming the Gift of Spiritual DirectionEdwards, Tilden$9
What are They saying about MysticismEgan, Harvey D$7
Praying the Kingdom towards a Political SpiritualityElliott, Charles$9
Praying Through Paradox- SPElliott, Charles$5
Seasons of the SpiritEvery & R Harries & K Ware, G$9
The Rhythm of LifeExley, Richard$9
Spiritual Encounters - through guided meditationsEyre, Stephen$7
A Time for LeavingFahy, Mary$6
The Heart of ReligionFather Vernon, $8
More Than WanderersFenhagen, James C$7
The Matthew Passion- SPFenton, John$6