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Title Author Price
Celtic Fire - An Anthology of Celtic Christian LiteratureVan de Weyer, Robert$8
15 Days of Prayer with Saint Catherine of SienaVan Der Plancke, Chantal$7
Christ in a Grain of Sand - an ecological journeyVaney, Neil$8
Loves Endeavour Loves ExpenseVanstone, W H$5
Out of the OrdinaryVerity, Peter$7
Out of the Ordinary - awareness of God in the everydayVerity, Peter$8
With the MasterVernier, Philippe$8
Deep Treasures From RetreatVest, Douglas C$9
Sauntering into HolinessVest, Douglas C$9
We will Not Hang our Harps on the Willows- SPVon Wartenberg-Potter, Barbel$5
The Sacred World of the ChristianWagner, Mary Anthony$7
Footfalls in Memory- SPWaite, Terry$8
A Dictionary of Christian SpiritualityWakefield, Gordon S$12
God is a Sea- SPWalker, David$6
Guard the Chaos - Finding Meaning In ChangeWard, Hannah & Jennifer Wild$20
The Garden of the BelovedWay, Robert$6
Riding the Gentled OxHomeWebb , Graeme John$15
Candles for Advent (SP)Webb, Pauline$5
Living in the Image of ChristWeber, Hans-Ruedi$4
Cultivating the Inner LifeWhite, Terri$7
Seasons of Strength - New Visions of Adult Christian MaturingWhitehead, Evelyn Eaton$8
The Joy of GodWilliams, H A$7
The True Wilderness- SPWilliams, H A$7
Lights - revelations of Gods goodnessWintz, Jack$8
Growing Your Soul - practical steps to increase your spiritualityWiseman, Neil B$9
The Edge of Greatness - empowering meditations for lifeWoelfel, Joni$9
On the Way (Wyon)Wyon, Olive$8