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Peter Calvay Hermit - A Personal Rediscovery of PrayerTorkington, Rayner$7
Meditations Along the Journey of FaithBrandt, Leslie F$7
Journey for a Soul- SPAppleton, George$5–$6
Gathered and Scattered - Readings and Meditations from the Iona CommunityPaynter, Neil$12
Learning to Walk in the DarkTaylor, Barbara Brown$9
Calling All Years Good - Christian Vocation throughout Lifes SeasonsCahalan, Kathleen A$9
The Rebirthing of God - Christianitys Struggle for New BeginningsNewell, John Philip$10
Uncovering Stories of Faith - Spiritual Direction and NarrativeRuffing, Janet$7
Abba - meditations based on the Lords PrayerUnderhill, Evelyn$6
Soul Friendship - Celtic Insights into spiritual MentoringSimpson, Ray$9
Friendship in the LordHinnebusch, Paul$5–$7
The Hearts Journey home - a Quest for WisdomHarnan, Nicholas$7
In the Desert Seasons of the HeartMickan, Nola$6
Voices From the Desert - a Spirituality for our timesGriffiths, Leslie$7
Short Notes from the Long History of HappinessLeunig, Michael$8
Space for GodRuncorn, David$6
Divine Beauty - The Invisible EmbraceO'Donohue, john$9
Meditating Upon Gods Word - prelude to prayer and actionToon, Peter$7
Loves Endeavour Loves ExpenseVanstone, W H$5
Meditation - the Bible Tells You HowDowning, Jim$4
A Retreat with English MysticsMalone sm, Barry$10
God of SurprisesHughes, Gerard W$7–$9
What Return Can I Make - Dimensions of the Christian ExperiencePeck, M Scott$7
A Book of Hours ( Reeves )Reeves, John$8
A Testament of DevotionKelly, Thomas R$8
Walk to Jerusalem - In Search of PeaceHughes, Gerard W$8
Being Loved - A Hankbook for Spiritual GrowthSteele, Blake$7
We Drink From Our Own Wells - the spiritual journey of a peopleGutierrez, Gustavo$7
Divine Love & WisdomSwedenborg, Emanuel$6–$8
PoustinaDoherty, Catherine de Hueck$6
Christian Spirituality (Pannenberg)Pannenberg, Wolfhart$7
What are They saying about MysticismEgan, Harvey D$7
The Other Side of Silence - A Guide to Christian MeditationKelsey, Morton T$6
Gift From the SeaLindbergh, Anne morrow$6–$7
Exploring the Road Less Travelled - A study guide for small groupsHoward, Alice & Walden$5
The Lord of the Journey - a reader in Christian Spirituality - SPPooley, Roger & Philip Seddon$8
The Rule of St Benedict.McCann, Justin$8
Prayer and Temperament - Different Prayer Forms for Different Personality typesMichael, Chester P$7–$8
Church of the Isles - a Prophetic Strategy for RenewalSimpson, Ray$9
Hebridean altars - The spirit of an Island RaceMacLean, Alistair$7