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Titles 40–80 of 1885

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Title Author Price
The Promise of the Spirit (Andrews)Andrews, E H$8
Whats the Big Deal About JesusAnkerberg & Dillon Burroughs, John$9
The Facts on Life After Death - Sorting Out The Facts From the FictionAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
Grieving for ChangeArbuckle, Gerald A$6
Laughing With God - Humor Culture and TransformationArbuckle, Gerald A$13
Nothing to HideArgyle, Leonard$8
The Old Testament and Criticism (T)Armerding, Carl E$7
The Gospel According to WomanArmstrong, Karen$6
Jesus of Nazareth - the Hidden YearsAron, Robert$8
The Jewish JesusAron, Robert$7
Phronesis - a journal of Asian Theological Seminary - Vol 3 No 1 , 1996Asian Theological seminary, $5
Gods Etc - an appreciation of the deity of ChristAtha, George E$8
Christus Victor - An Historical Study of the Three Main Types of the Idea of the AtonementAulen, Gustaf$7
Reformation and CatholicityAulen, Gustaf$10
The Faith of the Christian ChurchAulen, Gustaf$8
Revivals of the Old TestamentAutrey, C E$10
The Light of the CrossBabbage, Stuart Barton$6–$8
Immortality or ResurrectionBacchiocchi, Samuele$10
Let Jesus SpeakBacon, J C$4
Verdict on JesusBadham, Leslie$7–$10
God was in ChristBaillie, D M$5–$8
And the Life Everlasting- TBaillie, John$4–$5
Our Knowledge of GodBaillie, John$5–$7
The Belief in ProgressBaillie, John$4
The Idea of Revelation in Recent ThoughtBaillie, John$4
The Divine ChristBaker, A E$9
Berkouwers Doctrine of Election - Balance or ImbalanceBaker, Alvin L$8
The Approach to CalvaryBaker, John$3
I Want to Know What the Bible Says about the ChurchBalchin, John F$8
What Christians Believe (Balchin)- TBalchin, John F$8
What the Bible Teaches About the ChurchBalchin, John F$4–$6
The Evidence for Heaven - TBalsiger, Dave & Charles E Sellier$8
The Case for Christs ResurrectionBalsiger & M Minor, D W$7
Christian Theology - Systematic and BiblicalBancroft, Emery H$12
Elemental Theology - Doctrinal and ConservativeBancroft, Emery H$10
God The Worker - Journeys into the mind heart and imagination of GodBanks, Robert$7
Traditio-Historical Criticism of the GospelsBarbour, R S$5
Jesus of Nazareth (Barclay)- TBarclay, William$9
Chasing Sophia - reclaiming the lost Wisdom of JesusBarger, Lilian Calles$8
Jesus in the Worlds Faiths - Leading Thinkers from Five Religions Reflect on His MeaningBarker, Gregory A$15