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Titles 1840–1880 of 1885

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Title Author Price
Woman Witness: A Feminist Lectionary and PsalterWinter, Miriam Therese$10
The Economy of the Covenants Between God and ManWitsius, Herman$20
Epistemology - The Justification of BeliefWolfe, David L$7
The Indispensable Old TestamentWolfensberger, G H$4
Understanding Bible Teaching - The Nature of ManWood, A Skevington$4
Did Christ Really LiveWood, H G$4
Why Did Christ Die (Wood)Wood, Herbert G$4
The Holy Spirit in the Old TestamentWood, Leon J$9
Between the Rock and a Hard PlaceWoodroof, James S$5–$9
The Aroma of Christ- TWoodroof, James S$3–$8
The Church in TransitionWoodroof, James S$5
Many Signs One Son - Supernatural events that astonished a disbelieving worldWoodson, Leslie$6
The Opaqueness of GodWoodyard, David O$5
Progress - A Christian DoctrineWoollard, A G B$4
Angels - The thinking Clearly SeriesWoolmer, John$9
Evangelical Review of Theology - Volume 31 No. 4 October 2007World Evangelical Alliance, $5
What Language Shall I Borrow - God Talk in worship - a Male response to Feminist TheologyWren, Brian$9
The Uniqueness of Jesus (Wright)Wright, Chris$9
The Old Testament Against Its EnvironmentWright, G Ernest$5
The Old Testament and TheologyWright, G Ernest$8
Gods CharacterWright, J Stafford$5
Understanding Bible Teaching - Gods CharacterWright, J Stafford$4–$5
What is Man (Wright)- TWright, J Stafford$6
Jesus and the Victory of GodWright, N T$20
God on the Inside - The Holy Spirit (Wright)Wright, Nigel G$8
Maid In Gods Image - In Search of the Unruly WomanWright , Verena$9
The Half Known God - the person of the Holy SpiritWunderlich, Lorenz$7
NiebuhrWurth, G Brillenburg$6
Theological Construction - or DestructionXinyuan, Li$5
Can These Bones Live ? - The excitement of theological studyYoung, Frances$8
Can These Dry Bones Live (Young)Young, Frances$7–$9
The Case Against ChristYoung, John$4
Feminist Theology / Christian TheologyYoung, Pamela Dickey$6
Journal of the Evangelical Theological SocietyYoungblood, Ronald$5
The Heart of the Old TestamentYoungblood, Ronald$7–$8
The Question of God - Protestant Theology in the Twentieth CenturyZahrnt, Heinz$12
What Kind of GodZahrnt, Heinz$9–$10
The Old Testament - A BibliographyZannoni, Arthur E$9
Biblical Criticism in the life of the ChurchZehr, Paul M$8
Christian AsceticismZiesler, J A$4