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Title Author Price
Introduction To Biblical Interpretation - revisedKlein & C Blomberg & R Hubbard, W$25
Jesus Our Salvation - An Introduction to ChristologyMcMahon, Christopher$10–$13
The Secret Message of JesusMcLaren, Brian$9
How the World Began - Man in the first chapters of the BibleThielicke, Helmut$7–$8
Early Christian DoctrinesKelly, J N D$7
A Handbook of Christian TheologiansMarty, Martin E$7
The Imputation of Adams SinMurray, John$4
The Mind of the Master- TColeman, Robert E$4
A Death in JerusalemHolloway, Richard$7–$8
Christ and CultureNiebuhr, H Richard$7
The Christian Tradition - A History of the Development of Doctrine - volume 2Pelikan, Jaroslav$9
The Christian Tradition - A History of the Development of Doctrine - Volume 1Pelikan, Jaroslav$7
The Christian Tradition - A History of the Development of Doctrine - Volume 3Pelikan, Jaroslav$9
Dictionary of Jesus and the GospelsGreen, Joel B$30
Theological Dictionary of the New Testament - Abridged in One VolumeBromiley, Geoffrey W$40
Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament - 3 vol setGerhard Schneider, Horst Balz and$135
Christian Theology - Third EditionErickson, Millard J$15
The New Testament and the People of GodWright, N T$20
Jesus and the Victory of GodWright, N T$20
Women Ministry and the ChurchChittister, Joan$7
Swallowing a Fishbone - Feminist Theologians Debate ChristianityHampson - Editor, Daphne$9
Jesus and JudaismSanders, E P$7
Berkouwers Doctrine of Election - Balance or ImbalanceBaker, Alvin L$8
Is the Bible SexistBloesch, Donald G$6
Jesus in ExodusEsses, Michael$7
The Reformed Doctrine of PredestinationBoettner, Loraine$8–$12
Systematic Theology (Berkhof)Berkhof, L$18
Basic Theology: A Popular Systematic Guide To Understanding Biblical TruthRyrie, Charles$26
Willmingtons Complete Guide to Bible Knowledge - Introduction to TheologyWillmington, Harold$14
The Great Doctrines of the BibleEvans, William$9–$16
Theology Today (Moltmann)Moltmann, Jurgen$7
Women Authority and the BibleMickelson, Alvera$7–$9
Towards a Feminist ChristologyHopkins, Julie M$8–$9
The Sovereignty of GraceCustance, Arthur C$16
How to think TheologicallyStone, Howard W$7–$9
Prophetic Oracles of Salvation in the Old TestamentWestermann, Claus$10
Who Is This Jesus ( Niles )Niles, D T$6
Jesus Christ Our LordWalvoord, John F$7–$9
Women Creation and the FallKassian, Mary$7
The Dawn of World Redemption- TSauer, Erich$7–$8