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Title Author Price
The Good News About HeavenAllen, Charles L$6
Absolutely Sure - Settle the question of Eternal LifeLawson, Steven J$8
The Shack RevisitedKruger, C Baxter$9
The Drama of Scripture - Finding our place in the Biblical StoryBartholomew & M Goheen, C$10
Jesus Through the Old Testament - Transform your Bible UnderstandingGoldsworthy, Graeme$8
Phronesis - a journal of Asian Theological Seminary - Vol 3 No 1 , 1996Asian Theological seminary, $5
Putting Amazing Back Into Grace- Who does What in SalvationHorton, Michael$9
We Are The LordsVis, Jean$8
The Way of Salvation.Girod, Gordon H$8
Gospel Mystery of SanctificationMarshall, Walter$7
Principles of Biblical HermeneuticsHartill, J Edwin$12
The Real Kosher Jesus - Revealing the mysteries of the Hidden MessiahBrown, Michael L$9
Once Saved Always Saved (T)Kendall, R T$8
Love Wins - A book about Heaven Hell and the fate of every person who ever livedBell, Rob$9
John (Hendriksen)Hendriksen, William$16
Christian Faith in FocusSpykman, Gordon J$6
The Word of the Cross.Eldersveld, Peter H$6
The Cross in the Experience of Our LordFinlayson, R A$6
All things Made New - A theology of mans union with ChristSmedes, Lewis B$10
Church and KingdomZorn, Raymond O$8–$12
The Church and the ChurchesVine, W E$8
Revivals of the Old TestamentAutrey, C E$10
Your Adversary the Devil (Pentecost)Pentecost, J Dwight$7
Angels to Help YouSumrall, Lester$7–$8
The Nature of the Resurrection BodySchep, J A$9–$14
Who Moved the StoneMorison, Frank$5–$9
Breath of Life - a theology of the Creator SpiritEdwards, Denis$13
Meeting Jesus Again for the First TimeBorg, Marcus$8
Introduction To Biblical Interpretation - revisedKlein & C Blomberg & R Hubbard, W$14–$25
The Passion of Jesus ChristPiper, John$6–$7
Son of Man: A New Life of ChristDrane, John$8
Heaven Better By FarSanders, J Oswald$5–$6
Eternal Security: Can You Be Sure (Stanley)Stanley, Charles$6
The Holy Spirit Lord and LifegiverWilliams, John$9
The Timelessness of Jesus ChristHalverson, Richard C$6
A History of Christian DoctrineCunliffe - Jones, Hubert$9
20th Century Theology - God & The World in a Transitional AgeGrenz & Roger E Olson, Stanley J$9
The Old Testament and Criticism (T)Armerding, Carl E$7
Delight For A Wretched Man - Romans 7 and the doctrine of SanctificationClark, A Benjamin R$8
A Theology of the New TestamentLadd, George Eldon$18