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Title Author Price
The Cross in Our Context - Jesus and the Suffering WorldHall, Douglas John$8
Integrative Theology - volume 1 - knowing ultimate reality the Living GodLewis, Gordon R & Bruce A Demarest$13
The Foundations of Christian Doctrine (Conner)Conner, Kevin J$8
God the Almighty - Power Wisdom holiness Love - Christian foundationsBloesch, Donald G$12
Beyond Death - Exploring the evidence for ImmortalityHabermas, Gary R$12
The Concept of God - an Exploration of Contemporary Difficulties with the Attributes of GodNash, Ronald H$8
Beginning At Moses - a guide to finding Christ in the Old TestamentBarrett, Michael P V$10
The Glory of the Cross ( Ross )Ross, Alex$7
Woman in the World of JesusStagg, Evelyn and Frank$8
Wisdom & Creation - The Theology of Wisdom LiteraturePerdue, Leo G$14
The Concept of God (Ward)Ward, Keith$6
Gods Order for Christians meeting together for worship and ministryAnstey, B$6
Isaiahs MessiahBuksbazen, Victor$7
Worship community & The Triune God of GraceTorrance, James B$8
The Salvation of God.Smith, Oswald J$8
The Living WordOlford, Stephen F$6
Teilhard De Chardin - TowersTowers, Bernard$5
Trinity - Song and Dance GodForster, Roger$9
Approaches to Old Testament InterpretationGoldingay, John$9
The Trintarian ControversyRusch, William G$9
The Christological ControversyNorris, Richard A$9
Understandings of the ChurchHinson, E Glenn$9
Biblical Interpretation in the Early ChurchFroehlich, Karlfried$9
New Testament theology - Many Witnesses One GospelMarshall, I Howard$30
The Prophetic ImaginationBrueggemann, Walter$10
Hopeful Imagination - Prophetic Voices in ExileBrueggemann, Walter$9
Living Toward a Vision - Biblical Reflections on ShalomBrueggemann, Walter$12
Old Testament Theology - Essays on Structure Theme and TextBrueggemann, Walter$12–$13
A Social Reading of the Old TestamentBrueggemann, Walter$14
Jesus - The Man Who LivesMuggeridge, Malclom$5
In the Presence of Angels - A collection of inspiring true angel storiesMelashenko & T E Crosby, E L$6
Introducting Theologies of ReligionsKnitter, Paul f$10
Christian Theology in Practice - Discovering a DisciplineMiller - McLemore, Bonnie J$10
Thinking About God An Introduction to TheologySolle, Dorothee$9
The Church - sacraments worship ministry missionBloesch, Donald G$18
The Last Things - Resurrection Judgement GloryBloesch, Donald G$18
The Lord of Glory (Warfield)Warfield, Benjamin B$9
Baptism in the Holy Spirit (Dunn)Dunn, James D G$6–$8
The Vision of GodKirk, Kenneth E$8
The Good News About HeavenAllen, Charles L$6