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Title Author Price
Eternal Security: Can You Be Sure (Stanley)Stanley, Charles$6
The Holy Spirit Lord and LifegiverWilliams, John$9
Models of Contextual theology - Revise and Expanded EditionBevans, Stephen B$25
The Timelessness of Jesus ChristHalverson, Richard C$6
A History of Christian DoctrineCunliffe - Jones, Hubert$9
Miracles and Parables of Our Lord - 3 volume setSpurgeon, C H$30
Redemptive History and the New Testament ScripturesRidderbos, Herman$8
20th Century Theology - God & The World in a Transitional AgeGrenz & Roger E Olson, Stanley J$9
New Testament Exegesis - A Handbook for Students and PastorsFee, Gordon D$9
The Old Testament and Criticism (T)Armerding, Carl E$7
Delight For A Wretched Man - Romans 7 and the doctrine of SanctificationClark, A Benjamin R$8
New Testament Theology (Morris)Morris, Leon$12
A Theology of the New TestamentLadd, George Eldon$18
The Gagging of God - Christianity Confronts PluralismCarson, D A$20
The Biblical Doctrine of HeavenSmith, Wilbur M$5
The Priesthood of all Believers - An Examination of the Doctrine from the Reformation to the Present DayEastwood, Cyril$10
The Heart of the Old TestamentYoungblood, Ronald$7–$8
Trinity - Song and Dance GodForster, Roger$5
Institutes of the Christian Religion - 2 volumesCalvin, John$10
Jesus and the Old TestamentFrance, R T$13
Interpreting ProphecyHughes, Philip Edgcumbe$9
The Progress of Doctrine in the New Testament -TBernard, Thomas Dehany$7–$12
Mere Theology - Christian Faith and the Discipleship of the MindMcGrath, Alister$9
The Unity of the Bible - Unfolding Gods Plan for HumanityFuller, Daniel P$9
The Unfolding Mystery - Discovering Christ in the Old TestamentClowney, Edmund P$5
Biblical Revelation - The Foundation of Christian TheologyPinnock, Clark H$10
Beyond Sex Roles - What the Bible Says About a Womans Place in Church and FamilyBilezikian, Gilbert$8
What Does the Bible Really Say about Hell - Wrestling with the Traditional ViewKlassen, Randy$5
The Biblical Doctrine of JudgmentMorris, Leon$5
100 Portraits of ChristGariepy, Henry$8–$9
Son of GodTilby, Angela$8
Jesus and the WordBultmann, Rudolf$6
The LandBruggemann, Walter$9
Who Moved the StoneMorison, Frank$5–$9
Jesus The Only Way to God - Must you hear the gospel to be saved ?Piper, John$5
The Passion of Jesus ChristPiper, John$7
Know the Truth - a Handbook of Christian BeliefMilne, Bruce$8–$13
Holy People Holy Land - A Theological Introduction to the BibleDauphinais, Michael$12
Whats the Big Deal About JesusAnkerberg & Dillon Burroughs, John$9
A Theology of NonsenseGabelman, Josephine$16