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Title Author Price
The Mysteries of the Bible collection - DVDA&E Television Networks, $7
Beyond Counterfeit - the Search for the Real thing - DVDAdventist Media Network, $5
Beyond Death - The Search for Destiny - DVDAdventist Media Network, $5
Beyond Disaster - The Search for Hope - DVDAdventist Media Network, $5
Beyond Guilt - The Search for Peace - DVDAdventist Media Network, $5
Beyond Lost - the Search for Rescue - DVDAdventist Media Network, $5
Beyond Warning - the Search for Safety - DVDAdventist Media Network, $5
The Search Video Series - DVDAdventist Media Sydney, $7
Offering of Worship - DVDBaloche, Paul$8
Nooma Luggage - DVDBell, Rob$8
Nooma You DVDBell, Rob$8
Shut Up Devil & Move - DVDBerteau, Glen$8
The Battle of the Mind - Take Every Thought Captive to Obey Christ - thre Part Series - DVDBhana, Tak$8
Heaven Sent - DVDBowe, David & Wilford Brimley$7
More Than Survivors - DVDBrooks, Randall$8
Hold Fast the Word - Calvary chapel Senior Pastors Conference 2009 - MP3Calvary chapel, $5
In His Presence - Calvary Chapel Worship Leaders Conference 2010 - DVDCalvary chapel, $8
Matters of the Heart - Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference 2004 - MP3Calvary chapel, $5
Welcome the King - Pure Worship conference 2012 DVDCalvary chapel, $8
CLC Bible Companion - Study Presentations - DVDCLC Publications, $10
Seven Prophetic Shifts - Cassette SetConner, Mark$6
Ask Anything - DVDCrossway Church, $9
Isolating Insecurity - CDde Jong, Paul$6
The Authority to dominate Vol 2 - CD setDollar, Creflo A$9
Wow Music Trivia Game - over 1000 music trivia questions for the family - DVDEMI Christian Music Group, $8
To Save a Life - Some people are just dying to be heard- DVDFive Loaves Entertainment, $7
Freedom Band - Gaither Gospel Series - DVDGaither Gospel Series, $12
Grace - the one and only - DVDGiglio, Louie$9
Soundtrack - DVDGiglio, Louie$9
Encounter 14 His Love His Power Confrence - DVDGrace Vineyard, $9
Soul Surfer - A True Story of Faith Family and Fighting to Get Back on Board - CDHamilton, Bethany$9
Transcendent - Creativity that reveals the Creator - DVDHamilton, Jake$5
This Is Your Day - Become a Younger You - DVDHinn, Benny$7
Spirit Led People - CDHouston, Brian$7
The Supernatural - living above limitations - CDHouston, Brian$7
Integritys i Worship - a total worship Experience @ Home - Vol 1 - DVDIntegrity Music, $8
Integritys i Worship - A Total Worship Experience @ Home - Vol 2 - DVDIntegrity Music, $8
Integritys i Worship - A total worship Experience @ Home - Vol 4 - DVDIntegrity Music, $8
Confidence - CDKennedy, Steve$6
Going to the Next Level - CDKennedy, Steve$6