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Title Author Price
My Pain Your Gain - CDKennedy, Steve$7
The Pathway to Freedom - CDKubala, Janine$8
180 - 33 minutes that will rock your world - DVDL W Productions, $5
Romans / Hebrews A Study of the Sixty Six Books CD RomLifeway Ministries, $9
How to Study the Bible - cassetteMacArthur, John$5
An Uncompromising Life - A Study of Daniel 1 , 6 , 9 1-19 - cassette setMacArthur Jr, John$6
The Book of Ephesians - A verse by verse exposition of the Word of God - cassette setMacArthur Jr, John$20
A Generous Orthodoxy - CDMcLaren, Brian$10
God $ You - Unlock Your Financial Success - CD & DVD SetMesiti, Pat$15
Wow Hits 2005 - DVDProvident, $8
Keys To Financial Security - Successful Finances in Todays Economy - DVDRobertson, Pat$6
Michael W Smith - Live in concert - a 20 year celebration - DVDSmith, Michael W.$8
The moment After 2 - the Awakening - DVDSony Pictures, $7
Discussing the Da Vinci Code - DVDStrobel & Garry Poole, Lee$10
Window to the World - Teaching English to speakers of Other Languages - CD Rom & DVDThe Jesus Film Project, $7
Let Everything Praise - Gospel Arts Concert 2009 - DVDThe Salvation Army Band, $6
Inside Out 5th Annual One Step to Freedom Conference - DVDThe Word For Today, $7
Jacob - The Bible series - DVDTime Life, $8
Jeremiah - The Bible series - DVDTime Life, $8
Samson & Delilah - The Bible series - DVDTime Life, $8
Solomon - The Bible series - DVDTime Life, $8
Testimony - The Untold Story of Pope John Paul 11 - DVDTime Life, $8
Songwriting For worship - A DVD Training ExperienceVineyard Music Group, $8
Navigating Tough Transitions - CD SetWillard, Shane$10